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    Overcome data challenges in CPG: Leveraging AI for product content success

    Download the guide to learn how CPG manufacturers can improve data quality with Productsup’s Product Guard PX.

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    Manufacturing leader’s guide

    Guide to creating new revenue streams for industrial manufacturers. Learn in four-steps how to build perfect product content journeys.

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    More social, more commerce! TikTok shopping in 2023

    As an official TikTok partner, we know how you can get the most out of the evolving TikTok Shop experience. Download our free TikTok in 2023 guide.

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    The Amazon product detail page guide 2023

    Learn how to create perfect Amazon listings with the Productsup Marketplaces Solution.

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    Feed Management in 2023

    Learn how to channel more success with our free guide to smart feed management solutions in 2023.

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    Social commerce in 2023

    Learn how to improve performance on your current or any future social commerce campaigns. As a trusted partner of the biggest social platforms, Prodcustup has all the latest hacks on how to get more from social campaigns.

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    Business growth report

    Learn about the top business concerns and priorities for the year ahead in terms of ad spend, the metaverse, sustainable shopping, and more.

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    Social commerce on Pinterest

    Read how to maximize your campaigns and drive sales on Pinterest.

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    Guide to seller and vendor onboarding

    Learn all the latest tools and solutions available to businesses aggregating and merging multiple product catalogs from sellers or vendors.

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    Social Commerce on Instagram

    Instagram’s shopping capabilities are constantly changing. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and strategies.

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    Your guide for the new age of marketing reporting

    Next-gen reporting will enable you to get more from your performance marketing campaigns by unlocking custom reporting dashboards with the kind of metrics you need to succeed.

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    Product To Consumer Management Powers Future Commerce Opportunities

    Forrester Consulting study: Learn what decision-makers working with product data are prioritizing and how they will improve performance.

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    How to drive ecommerce growth with product content syndication

    Read the latest industry whitepaper on the key options for digital commerce firms seeking to achieve better results with product data/content syndication.

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    Google Local Inventory Ads

    Connect Google’s millions of online users to your offline products.

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    The P2C maturity model

    Read the whitepaper on the latest product-to-consumer (P2C) maturity model and learn how P2C transformation can benefit your business.

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    The commerce shortfall

    Find out what consumers expect in terms of sustainable shopping, hybrid shopping experiences, and the metaverse.

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    9 common Google Shopping feed errors

    The most common errors users make with Google Shopping feeds and how to fix them.

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    Channeling success: The 2022 product feed management guide

    Our guide offers the latest trends and hacks in feed management.

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    Product content syndication in the era of P2C

    A guide for PIM executives in industrial manufacturing.

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    The 2022 social commerce guide

    How to advertise and/or sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok. Our guide will walk you through current social commerce opportunities and provide tips for success.

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    The big book of product-to-consumer management

    This collection of customer stories illustrates how companies across industries and regions work with Productsup to master commerce anarchy and realize their commerce potential.

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    Raconteur's Future of Retail 2022

    The 2022 Future of Retail report gives you a sneak peek into the challenges and opportunities coming to retail.

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    The P2C report: Radically rethinking commerce

    Read the findings from Coleman Parkes’ survey of 750 senior decision-makers involved in managing product information.

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    P2C Management market overview

    PIM and feed management are no longer enough. Download this report to learn why P2C is essential for your business’ success.

  • REBRANDED Forrester Report - Commerce Anarchy_WebsiteBannerV1.png

    Forrester Consulting: The Future Of Commerce Tech

    This survey of 375 business leaders responsible for commerce technology and strategy offers a current snapshot of commerce anarchy - and how you should be responding.

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    Skyrocket your Facebook dynamic ads

    Get your campaigns up and running to ensure optimum performance across Facebook and Instagram.

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    Raconteur The Fashion Economy

    If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends and retail innovations, this report is for you.

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    7 advanced product feed optimizations

    Seven advanced tactics for optimizing a product data feed.

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    The Travel Brief

    Take control of your ad campaigns and discover the best ways to reach new travelers.

  • card_guide_7-emerging-travel-trends.png

    7 Emerging travel trends

    Discover seven tourism trends to help you optimize your travel marketing campaigns.

  • guide_card_future-of-retail2020.png

    Raconteur Report: Future of Retail

    Everything you'll want to know in order to stay competitive in the current commerce landscape.