Commerce trends to watch in 2024

3D guide Commerce Trends


Another year, another wave of new trends shaping the commerce landscape. TikTok is plunging deeper into ecommerce, Cookies are finally going away, the resale market is hotter than ever, and dare we say it… NFTs are making a comeback.

Drawing on the most recent industry affairs, we compiled a list of the top 7 commerce trends worth watching for 2024. This comprehensive report analyzes the most significant changes we’re seeing throughout the industry, based on the technological advancements, retail innovations, consumer behavior developments, and regulatory crackdowns we anticipate for the year ahead.

Authored by our Chief Innovation Officer, Marcel Hollerbach, the report provides high-level insights to support decision-making, as well as strategic guidance for taking action in response to the trends.

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Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The most significant trends to watch in commerce right now, such as sustainability, mixed reality, and data privacy
  • How to strategically respond to each trend to gain a competitive edge
  • Specific industry examples from other brands and retailers

Gain a strong understanding of the commerce roadmap for the year. Download the report now!