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    Productsup Academy

    Take your product-to-consumer (P2C) management skills to the next level and make the most of the Productsup platform with our free role-based learning paths and stand-alone courses.

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    Why learn with Productsup Academy?

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      Invest in you

      Product data can be complicated. By growing your knowledge, you can invest in yourself and your career. Feel more confident, do more, and open up new opportunities.

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      Prove your skills

      Show managers, clients, and other professionals that you have honed your skills. Demonstrating knowledge can be difficult - but not when you have a recognized certification.

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      Do more with data

      Create next-level product data feeds and ensure you make the most of your distribution and management strategy. Reduce time-to-market, improve agility, and increase sales.


    Instructor-led training (ILT)

    Upon becoming a valued Productsup customer, you will receive 10 hours of instructor-led training from our dedicated product trainers. This training will give you in-depth knowledge of the Productsup platform.

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    Self-paced training

    We have organized our self-paced courses in a handy way. You can decide whether to choose one of our role-based learning plans or learn at your own pace with our stand-alone courses.

    Explore our role-based learning plans

    Role-based learning plans

    Enroll in a learning plan and explore stand-alone courses


    Discover how the Productsup platform can help you increase your revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction through a high-level overview of P2C and the Productsup platform. Learn how the Productsup platform compares to a non-P2C solution. → View courses

    IT management

    Gain a high-level overview of the capabilities of the Productsup platform. Learn about how Productsup addresses data security, compliance and privacy. Explore the potential for integrations and migration capabilities. → View courses

    Commerce specialists

    Explore the Productsup platform low-code, no-code features. Bridge the gap between your business goals and how to achieve them in the Productsup platform. This learning plan includes step-by-step guides, as well as practice- and scenario-based examples. → View courses

    Technical specialists

    Explore technical features of the Productsup platform in depth. Understand the dependencies and impact of technical choices while working with the platform. Some of these features require technical knowledge with regular expressions (Regex), Twig, and more. → View courses



    Learn why you should get certified and how it works

    Explore our P2C certification


    Do I need to create an account to take a self-paced course?

    You can browse the description of self-paced courses before registering, but you must create an account to enroll in learning plans, courses and certifications.

    Can I access the courses from a mobile device?

    Yes, the platform and courses are mobile-friendly, although it is recommended to use a laptop or desktop.

    In which languages does Productsup offer courses?

    At the moment, self-paced courses are available only in English. Instructor-led trainings are typically offered in English, but they can be offered in other languages upon request.

    What is the difference between a role-based learning plan and a stand-alone course?

    A learning plan is a collection of required courses for a specific role. Taking the courses in a learning plan offers a solid basis to work with the platform and make decisions. Sometimes, a learning plan may offer a certification quiz. After completing a learning plan, you can explore the rest of our recommended stand-alone courses to expand your knowledge and skills and get more out of your Productsup account.

    Is there a required fee to take a certification?

    All certifications are free of charge.

    Do the certifications ever expire?

    Productsup certifications are valid for 12 months.