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  • TikTok_guide_thumbnail 1046x675px.jpg

    Social commerce on TikTok guide

    Download the guide for a complete look at advertising and selling on TikTok. Discover the newest features and best practices that drive more conversions and sales.

  • AI_Banners_24_website_thumbnail_1046x675.png

    The state of smart commerce: AI’s impact on buying and selling

    Discover all the ways AI is transforming ecommerce, including the top use cases for smart product content tools.

  • Amazon_checklist_website_thumbnail_1200x675.png

    The ultimate Amazon Prime Day checklist

    Beat sale records this Prime Day by using our checklist to prepare your ads and listings for the biggest shopping event of the summer.

  • Grocery leaders_WB_BNR_website_thumbnail.png

    The grocery leader’s guide to retail

    Learn how the top grocery retailers manage their product feeds to deliver outstanding shopping experiences.

  • FB24_Guide_BNR_website_thumbnail.png

    Guide: Boost your Meta campaign performance

    Download the guide to discover the latest trends for advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

  • challenges-cpg-thumbnail.png

    Overcome data challenges in CPG: Leveraging AI for product content success

    Download the guide to learn how CPG manufacturers can improve data quality with Productsup’s Product Guard PX.

  • FM_website_thumbnail 1046x675px.png

    Feed management in 2024

    Channel commerce success with our free guide to smart feed management solutions in 2024.

  • Commerce_trend_24_lp_opengraph_02.png

    Commerce trends to watch in 2024

    Discover the top 7 trends shaping the commerce landscape in 2024, according to our Chief Innovation Officer Marcel Hollerbach.

  • DPX_24_trends_report_bnr_lp_thumbnail.png

    Top industrial manufacturing trends in 2024

    Get a sneak peek into the industry trends in manufacturing that business leaders have to know about to plan for 2024.

  • website_thumbnail 1046x675px (1).png

    Your guide to perfect product listings on Google Merchant Center

    Find out how to navigate through the complexity of sending perfect feeds to Google Merchant Center.

  • rpf-checklist-thumbnail.png

    13 questions to ask before choosing an AI-based feed management tool

    Ensure you choose the right feed management tool with our vendor-neutral RFP checklist. A handy document for making an informed decision. Learn more!

  • Cover_fashion_guide_mockup

    Fashion feed management guide

    Learn how smart product content management in fashion retail can save time and resources.

  • manufacturers-guide-thumbnail.png

    Manufacturing leader’s guide

    Guide to creating new revenue streams for industrial manufacturers. Learn in four-steps how to build perfect product content journeys.

  • _250522Website_mobile 1200x675px.png

    More social, more commerce! TikTok shopping in 2023

    As an official TikTok partner, we know how you can get the most out of the evolving TikTok Shop experience. Download our free TikTok in 2023 guide.

  • productsup-amazon-marketplace-guide-thumbnail.png

    The Amazon product detail page guide 2023

    Learn how to create perfect Amazon listings with the Productsup Marketplaces Solution.

  • Linkedin 1200x630px (website).png

    Social commerce in 2023

    Learn how to improve performance on your current or any future social commerce campaigns. As a trusted partner of the biggest social platforms, Prodcustup has all the latest hacks on how to get more from social campaigns.

  • Q4_Strike_report_EN_website_card.png

    Business growth report

    Learn about the top business concerns and priorities for the year ahead in terms of ad spend, the metaverse, sustainable shopping, and more.

  • google-lia-guide-banner.png

    Guide: Google Local Inventory Ads

    Our complete guide to Google LIA campaigns has everything you need to get started.

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