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      The P2C report: Radically rethinking commerce

      Read the findings from Coleman Parkes’ survey of 750 senior decision-makers involved in managing product information.

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      P2C Management market overview

      PIM and feed management are no longer enough. Download this report to learn why P2C is essential for your business’ success.

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    • REBRANDED Forrester Report - Commerce Anarchy_WebsiteBannerV1.png

      Forrester Consulting: The Future Of Commerce Tech

      This survey of 375 business leaders responsible for commerce technology and strategy offers a current snapshot of commerce anarchy - and how you should be responding.

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      Skyrocket your Facebook dynamic ads

      Get your campaigns up and running to ensure optimum performance across Facebook and Instagram.

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      Navigating social commerce

      How to sell more on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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      Raconteur The Fashion Economy

      If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends and retail innovations, this report is for you.

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      7 advanced product feed optimizations

      Seven advanced tactics for optimizing a product data feed

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      The Travel Brief

      Take control of your ad campaigns and discover the best ways to reach new travelers.

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      9 common Google Shopping feed errors

      The most common errors users make with Google Shopping feeds and how to fix them.

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      PXM for Dummies

      Find out how to offer your customers a consistent and compelling experience with your products at every touchpoint.

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      Supercharge your product feeds

      This quickstart guide will help you ask the right questions and understand shoppers today.

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      7 Emerging travel trends

      Discover seven tourism trends to help you optimize your travel marketing campaigns.

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      Product Content Syndication

      A guide for PIM executives and data managers to help you navigate the current PCS landscape.

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      Cross-border ecommerce guide

      Start building the foundation of a successful international market entry.

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      Raconteur Report: Future of Retail

      Everything you'll want to know in order to stay competitive in the current commerce landscape.

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      Google Local Inventory Ads

      Connect Google’s millions of online users to your offline products.

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