Last updated: December 20, 2023

Agreements - for customers

Subject to the specifications in the applicable order form, one of the following master services agreements governs your contractual relationship with Productsup as the provider.

The order form identifies the applicable version of the master service agreement and also identifies which Productsup entity is the provider.

Master service agreement - version Q2-2023-V1 - updated May 29, 2023

This is the most current, most recent version of the master service agreement, applicable to all new clients as of May 29, 2023.


Schedules - version Q2-2023-V1 - updated May 29, 2023

The following schedules apply to the relevant master services agreement with any provider.

Master service agreement - version Q4-2022-V1 - updated October 21, 2022

Master service agreement - version Q1-2021-V1 - updated February 28, 2021

Master service agreement - version Q4-2020-V1 - updated October 15, 2020

Partner agreements, guides and schedules

General partnership agreement

General partner program guides

Go-to-market partner program guides

Go-to-market schedules & regional schedules

Productsup Academy terms and conditions

Productsup software specifications for reseller clients

If you have an end user license agreement with a third party reselling-partner of Productsup, the following terms specify certain aspects of your end user license agreement pertaining to your Productsup software sublicense.

Services documentation

These documents incorporated into the MSA provides a description of the offering subject to the applicable master services agreement and order form:

Data exports / imports

The following documents provide an overview on the export, import and data services functionalities included in the different subscriptions, subject to the ordered Productsup platform license edition, module and volume packages, the applicable order form and the applicable master services agreement.