Last updated: February 28, 2021


    Subject to the specifications in the applicable Order Form, one of the following Master Services Agreements governs your contractual relationship with Productsup.

    Productsup Corp. If the Order Form specifies Productsup Corp. as your contractual partner:

    Products Up GmbH If the Order Form specifies Products Up GmbH as your contractual partner:

    Productsup Pty. Ltd. If the Order Form specifies Productsup Pty. Ltd. as your contractual partner:


    The following Annexes apply to the relevant Master Services Agreement with each of the Productsup entities.

    Productsup Software Specifications for Reseller Clients

    If you have an End User License Agreement with a Third Party Reselling-Partner of Productsup, the following terms specify certain aspects of such Your End User License Agreement pertaining to Your Productsup Software Sublicense.

    Services Documentation

    Please follow this link for a comprehensive overview of the Services addressed in the applicable Master Services Agreement and Order Form.