Enhanced efficiency across all industries with P2C

Whatever the industry, the Productsup P2C platform revolutionizes business by empowering teams to create optimal product content journeys. Boost sales on global channels with smart technology, unlocking efficiency and facilitating rapid market expansion.


Industries that we support

Whatever your products, our P2C platform has you covered

The success of your business relies on the quality of your product content. Content quality can greatly differ depending on the variety of your products, industry regulations, export channels and your target audience. Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, brand, distributor, marketplace, or online platform selling B2C or B2B, perfect product content journeys are essential to expand your revenue streams and protect your brand reputation.


    Industrial manufacturing

    Industrial manufacturing is undergoing significant transformation with continuous product innovation, pressured by rapidly shifting market conditions and changing customer expectations.

    With the Productsup platform, you can deliver highly technical product data globally while aligning with local classification standards such as ETIM or E-CLASS.

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    Omnichannel commerce is no longer a mere luxury; it's an essential strategy to connect with your customers.

    Consumers fully immerse themselves in a brand through various avenues. With the Productsup P2C platform, your organization will increase operational efficiency while boosting sales on Meta, TikTok, Google, Amazon, Wish, and many more global commerce and marketing channels.

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    Consumer packaged goods

    The CPG industry is highly competitive, with numerous established players and new entrants. Stand out with an optimized online presence and enhanced supply chain capabilities.

    The Productsup P2C platform enables you to consistently create engaging product content that drives sales on all channels and digital shelves, ecommerce, third-party retailers, or marketplaces.

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