Distribution PX

Distribution PX will empower you to drive sales and solidify distributor relationships with streamlined data collection, enhanced product content, and tailored digital catalogs in various formats.


Distribution PX in 90 seconds

How it works

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    1. Import

    Import product data from any data source and in any file format.

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    2. Optimize

    Optimize and customize data to meet all relevant requirements and standards.

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    3. Export

    Export tailored product content to any data pool, distributor or specialized retailer.

Key benefits

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    Increase your revenue

    Sell effectively and successfully worldwide. Meet distributor and data pool requirements, industry standards and ensure perfect product content for all customers.

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    Reduce your costs

    Leverage automation to get faster time-to-market while significantly reducing manual tasks, saving expenditure on custom developments, legacy systems, and IT support.

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    Expand your reach

    Use a single platform to distribute all your product content to reach current markets as well as any new ones. Perfectly tailored to each destination wherever it is.


Enhanced content management

Automatically integrate and merge all your product content from any source and in any format into a central data hub. Our AI Automapping features and scheduling tools manage your product content without the need for programming skills or IT support.


Simplified content syndication

Create perfectly structured product catalogs for all global sales channels and distribution partners with our 2500 pre-built channel templates. Automatically export your entire product catalog with our scheduling tools.


Ensure consistency and quality

Enrich and optimize your data with our rules boxes, ensuring compliance with all classification standards. Rely on data readiness reports to analyze your product content and identify errors, leaving you with high-quality catalogs.

Top 3 features

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    Syndication to any data portal

    Distribute perfect content to industry data portals and reach thousands of wholesalers and customers. Unlock access to ARGE, 2ba, EFO and all other data pools to grow your global revenue streams.

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    Full catalog customization

    Automatically adjust your catalog to classifications like ETIM, ECLASS, UNSPSC or deliver a custom export xml, json or csv files.

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    Seamless syndication with all distributors

    Automatically populate, update, and syndicate product content, creating digital product catalogs, FABDIS or BMEcat files, and item setup sheets for your entire distribution network.

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