Distribution PX

Distribution PX is a content syndication solution that enables industrial brand manufacturers to integrate, optimize, and share technical and non-technical product data in the preferred format of their retailers, data standards, and data pools.

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Removing friction in content distribution

With Distribution PX, PIM executives, data managers, sales and marketing teams can turn raw product information into consistent, agile, commerce-ready product content for any industrial product. Thereby ensuring compliance with all industry standards and enabling hassle-free distribution to any partner while saving time and operational costs.

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    Get new products to market on your partners' channels within minutes

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    Expand to new channels and global markets with minimal effort

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    Ensure consistent product content across all your distribution channels and data pools


Product content syndication

Syndicating product data is more than just exporting content to whoever is asking. With Distribution PX you can automatically integrate and merge product content from all silos into channel-ready export files. Deliver tailored product content to touchpoints around the globe while eliminating almost all manual tasks thanks to automation. Pave the way for increased revenue from stronger business relationships, faster time-to-market, and enhanced product performance.

Three steps to global syndication for industrial manufacturers

  • 1. Import and integrate data

    Collect and centralize data from any silo, including PIMs, DAMs, and ERPs.

  • 2. Cleanse, structure and optimize data

    Automatically eliminate errors and format channel-ready catalogs in bulk. Enrich content with additional data like analytics, availability, product reviews, and custom labels.

  • 3. Distribute data

    Connect and distribute high-quality product data that delivers higher conversions to data pools and partners worldwide.


Benefits of Distribution PX syndication

  • Connect everywhere
    Explore new sales channels leveraging international data classification standards (ETIM, FAB-DIS, ECLASS, etc) and data pools (e.g. 2ba, ARGE, EFO, etc)
  • Consistent quality
    Built-in channel templates, analytic tools, integrated APIs will guarantee accurate product descriptions all the time.
  • Tailored content to each channel
    Reduced workload and errors with automated data mapping and smart data quality analysis for each export channel, ensuring data always meets the needs of each channel.
  • Easy-to-use by everyone
    Improve business agility and time-to-market by enabling users of any skill level to improve and tweak product content with our no-code platform.
  • Channel previews
    Instantly visualize product content exactly as it will appear on your distribution partners’ digital platforms.
  • Supplier portal interface
    Our platform enables easy and quick supplier-retailer feedback because of our unique collaboration features which ensure smooth communication between all stakeholders.

An unrivaled suite of powerful product features

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    Visual data mapping

    Gain a complete graphical overview of your entire product data flow from data integration up to distribution.

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    Retailer syndication

    Create BME-cat or FAB-DIS based product catalogs, item setup sheets, or other XML, CSV or JSON formats to meet all retailer requirements.

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    Data portal syndication

    Distribute product data to industry data portals and reach thousands of wholesalers and direct customers.

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    Activity logs

    A powerful set of audit, compliance, and security features that speed up problem-solving. Versioning and activity tracking means you know who did what on the platform and when.

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    Channel readiness report

    Analyze data and identify errors before they become active and create perfectly structured high-quality product catalogs.

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    Product data translation

    Translate product data into multiple languages at scale and in seconds saving precious time and money. Automatically convert currencies, sizes, and weight into localized units.

Product Content Syndication in the era of P2C_Mockup_EN

Guide to industrial manufacturing syndication for PIM executives

Industrial product content is in higher demand than ever. Product-to-consumer platforms are the winning option to support product content and supplier data syndication for PIM executives and data managers. Deliver high-quality product content to all touchpoints and channels. Send data tailored to your partners’ requirements without manual labor. Open the doors to international commerce with access to multiple global data pools and classification standards.

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