Product Guard PX

Optimize global data quality with Productsup's GS1-certified AI data capture tool. Capture your product data with AI technology for complete and consistent product content ready for all global retailers, marketplaces and GS1 GDSN.

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Product Guard PX

Trusted by over 1000 global brands

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Product Guard PX in 60 seconds

How it works


Quickly and easily upload all your product labels or digital artworks into our platform. All file types are supported.


Sit back and relax while our AI models capture and categorize all your product information in seconds.


Access your data and share it within your team or to all global retailers, marketplaces or GS1 data pools.

Unlock your full potential with Product Guard PX

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    Improve global data quality

    Always comply with the latest data standards and meet all retailer requirements.

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    Accelerate time-to-market

    Get new products to market faster and more effectively by automating manual processes.

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    Boost your company's sales

    Start validating data upon artwork completion, paving the way for quicker sales.

Experience game-changing product advantages


Automated data management

Select the desired product category and attributes to automate the integration of data. Ensure that data is compliant with brand guidelines and mandatory regulations to satisfy both customer and retailer.


Multi-channel integration

Collect data from a variety of sources and file formats, including digital artworks and product labels. Export high quality data to a range of channels or systems according to your company's preferences.


Data-driven efficiency

Minimize errors and the need for rework by using Product Guard PX, which provides accurate data from the start, reducing the need for corrective actions further down the line and allowing for efficient content distribution.

Key features

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    Computer vision models

    Customized computer vision models designed for precise logos and visual extraction guarantee you an unparalleled accuracy in identifying and capturing complex visual elements and hallmarks.

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    Optical Character Recognition

    OCR in combination with AI automatically relieves the burden on your team by recognizing texts in any imported product label. All product data is captured in seconds and immediately available.

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    Multilingual data recognition

    Product Guard PX allows you to select all your product categories, languages, and industry standards, enabling your team with a scalable data capture process suitable for all businesses and industries.

Overcome data challenges in CPG | Productsup

Overcome data challenges in CPG

Find out how CPG brands can combine smart technologies (ie. OCR and AI) to better capture product data according to global standards.

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Does your product data meet global standards?

There are many benefits for brands and retailers in exchanging high-quality product data, but how do you know you meet the data requirements?

Find out how!