Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX enables brands and manufacturers to sell more products on major marketplaces around the world. Fuel business growth with enriched, error-free product listings and quick product onboarding.

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MPX - How it works


Upload your content from any source or format and merge it into a single, comprehensive catalog.


Automatically adapt your product content to marketplace requirements with advanced AI tools and technologies.


Publish audience-tailored content and flawless product listings on major marketplaces worldwide.

Key benefits

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    Boost your conversion rate

    Publish error-free and high-quality product content, including A+ Content to increase your conversion rate and rankings.

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    Unlock your team’s efficiency

    Reduce your costs by streamlining daily workflows with automated processes and user management, gaining full control and visibility.

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    Grow your revenue fast

    Go live on major marketplaces quickly by using smart data automation. Easily create product listings that match the latest requirements.

Product advantages


Efficient content management

  • Our platform’s workflow allows you to manage your product content from the initial import stage all the way to the online publication of your products.
  • You can discover optimization opportunities to keep your master data correct and complete.

Improved online presence

  • Advanced content optimization tools, like the enhanced A+ content designer, allow you to publish your products with messaging tailored to your audience.
  • Rich text and diverse images improve your product and brand presence.

Seamless global syndication

  • Distribute product content to marketplaces worldwide, or create localized product catalogs.
  • Create product listings on thousands of global sales channels while always matching their content requirements.

Key features

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    Smart data automation

    Leverage smart features to automatically aggregate and distribute product content to any major marketplace.

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    User Management

    Set granular permissions, establish clear structures, and manage members globally with our user management capabilities.

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    Enhanced content designer

    Use our platform's enhanced (A+) content builder to automatically share tailored designs on any Amazon marketplace.

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    Automated bulk processing

    Gain velocity by automating your product listing processes. Make bulk edits on your product catalog for instant results.

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Fuel your revenue on Amazon with Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX enables quick and easy imports and product data enrichment allowing you to publish error-free high-impact product listings across all Amazon markets.

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Learn how PUMA uses the Productsup P2C platform to facilitate and automate their business operations across different channels, resulting in faster time-to-market for their products.

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    Advertising PX

    Leverage best-in-class Feed Management to enrich all of your product listings in minutes to create perfectly tailored content.

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    Retail PX

    Syndicate flawless product content directly to all major retailers and GDSN with smart data enhancement.

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