Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX enables brands and manufacturers to sell more products on all global marketplaces. We empower teams with a scalable set of solutions that ensure quick product onboarding and error-free high-impact product listings.

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How it works

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    1. Integrate product data and collect it in a single source-of-truth

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    2. Consolidate, enrich, edit and optimize your data for best-in-class performance

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    3. Create flawless product listings for any marketplace like Amazon, Walmart & Wish


Sync order information

Order synchronization exchanges real-time product data with external ecommerce systems, enabling smooth inventory management and stress-free shipping.

  • Import and sync order information from all marketplaces with your order management system
  • Unlimited product data updates per marketplace

Smart data automation

Use AI tools and scheduling automatically aggregate, merge, and distribute your product content to marketplaces.

  • Hundreds of transformations available to enrich your data in bulk automatically
  • A set of scalable tools to create A+ enhanced content and publish it in real-time

One-click marketplace onboarding

We work closely with all major marketplaces, so you don’t have to keep up with the latest requirements or API developments.

  • Add new marketplaces in minutes rather than days or even weeks
  • Know that your product data always meets requirements via error notifications
  • Sync your inventory across all marketplaces and geographies

Key benefits

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    Automated and efficient processes for your product listings

    A quick and effective way to manage all product listings in an easy-to-use interface. Marketplaces PX is a holistic solution for selling on marketplaces worldwide with a set of scalable tools and efficient automated processes.

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    Grow your business by selling more products faster

    Grow your business like never before. Tap into opportunities and reach new global marketplaces with unparalleled conversion and engagement through optimized product information and enhanced visual content, creating best-in-class buyer experiences.

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    Improve your margins and beat the competition with a swift and agile platform

    A set of scalable tools– image designer, image crawler, A+ content builder, image explorer – that create and publish enhanced content in a fraction of the time. Stay ahead of your competition with high-visibility product content to achieve more conversions.

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Fuel your revenue on Amazon with Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX enables quick and easy imports and product data enrichment allowing you to publish error-free high-impact product listings across all Amazon markets.

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