Product-to-Consumer Management

Product-to-Consumer Management (P2C) has emerged as a new software category to simplify and perfect the product content journey. Learn how P2C is helping global companies cut costs and grow revenue.

What is P2C?

Product-to-Consumer Management (P2C) is a software category designed to simplify the complexity of today’s commerce. Instead of working across siloed systems to manage your product data as it moves between suppliers and buyers, P2C condenses operations into a single platform, while providing advanced capabilities to continuously enhance product content.


Who needs P2C?

A P2C strategy is essential for global businesses managing millions of SKUs across multiple channels and markets, as they need to create and update product content at scale.

From fashion and health and beauty to CPG and manufacturing, P2C Management helps companies across all industries achieve long-term commerce success.

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What is the value of P2C?

  • Grow revenue by boosting performance across all sales channels
  • Expand to new markets and channels with a faster time-to-market for new brands, products, and campaigns
  • Optimize budgets with insight into the top-performing products and channels
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining workflows between operational, logistics, IT, and marketing teams

How does P2C work?

  • P2C software integrates with all export channels, so you can share perfectly tailored product content with any retailer, advertiser, marketplace, distributor, wholesaler, or data pool worldwide.
  • AI tools automate complex data tasks, so you don’t need to rely on developer resources or manual data manipulation.
  • A centralized data view provides a comprehensive look at all product content, regardless of the channel or market, so you can identify and test potential growth opportunities.

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