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The Productsup P2C platform empowers companies to overcome commerce anarchy The Productsup P2C platform empowers companies to overcome commerce anarchy

Bring order to chaos with our P2C platform

Our product-to-consumer (P2C) platform empowers brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces to master commerce anarchy and win product orders over and over again.
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Trusted by more than 900 global enterprises

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Productsup. Empowering commerce.

The world’s first P2C platform

Productsup empowers long-term business success as the only global, strategic, scalable platform able to master all product-to-consumer information value chains across any platform, any channel, any technology.

  • P2C feed management at Productsup

    Feed Management

    Map, understand, and manage every link in the information value chain, however complex the route between your product or service and the consumer.

  • Productsup Marketplaces

    Marketplace Experience

    Export unlimited quantities of enriched and high-quality product data to multiple marketplaces around the globe.

  • P2C strategy at Productsup PCS

    Product Content Syndication

    Auto-create electronic product catalogs for networks of retailers, distributors, and data portals across B2B and B2C use cases.

  • P2C management at Productsup SVO

    Seller and Vendor Onboarding

    Deliver continuous onboarding to seamlessly aggregate and integrate thousands of supplier catalogs with standardized product information.

  • Social commerce at Productsup

    Social Commerce

    Create, distribute and manage enriched channel-ready product data on all social commerce channels.

  • P2C Insights at Productsup


    Gain visibility and control over product-level performance data with real-time insights to fuel your marketing strategy and growth.

What's in it for you?

The Productsup P2C platform already supports the long-term strategic commerce success of over 900 brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces around the world. Freeing you from commerce anarchy, it allows you to stay in control, tell a consistent story across all channels, and keep winning customers.

  • 2500+

    Reach over 2500 channels

  • 73%

    Reduce your CPC by 73%

  • 20%

    Increase in-store revenue by up to 20%

  • 1000%

    Increase your traffic by up to 1000%

  • 2,000,000,000,000+

    The Productsup Platform processes over 2 trillion products every month.

Marcel Hollerbach, Productsup Chief Innovation Officer

Successfully navigating a world of commerce anarchy requires a radical rethink of the product-to-consumer (P2C) strategy to manage the global product information value chains connecting brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces to their online customers. Too many businesses adopt a piecemeal approach, optimizing a feed here, a product description there. But optimizing alone does not help. It just adds to the chaos. What’s needed is a P2C approach.

Marcel Hollerbach
Chief Innovation Officer
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Stop optimizing. Take control.

Research shows that organizations typically use four systems to handle product information. This lack of integration makes real-time management impossible, losing fast-moving opportunities to sell and damaging brand relationships with buyers. As a single all-in-one integrated platform, Productsup allows you to manage data in real-time, take advantage of fast-moving opportunities to sell, and strengthen brand relationships with buyers.

Data integration at Productsup
Data integration

Import data with ease

From shop systems to spreadsheets and PIMs, seamlessly connect to all your sources and integrate data regardless of format or size.

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Easy data mapping with the Productsup platform

Let channels, regions, and feeds manage themselves

Allow machine learning to do the heavy lifting, systematically connecting raw product information to relevant, channel-specific attributes.

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Easy data transformation with the Productsup P2C platform

Transform entire catalogs

Quickly cleanse and tailor your product catalog with 250+ drag-and-drop editing options. Cleaning up HTML, enriching titles, and calculating and adding VAT is just the start.

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Easy export readiness testing with the Productsup P2C platform
Readiness audit

Ensure channel readiness

Receive immediate feedback on channel readiness, including existing errors and optimization potential, alongside one-click implementation options.

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Easy product content syndication with the Productsup P2C platform
Content syndication

Export channels

Leverage a portfolio of 2500+ pre-configured export templates to appear on new channels fast. Need a custom export template of your own? Just let us know.

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For sustainable success tomorrow, think P2C today!

Talk to us about how a winning P2C strategy can help secure future commerce success.

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Combat commerce anarchy with P2C management
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