Retail PX

Seamless product content syndication to any retailer or GDSN data pool in the world. Retail PX enables brand manufacturers to syndicate flawless, enriched and tailored product content to any retailer or channel globally.

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How it works


Import your product content from any source and format with just a few clicks.


Enrich product content in line with retailers’ requirements and consumers’ interests with advanced AI tools.


Share optimized and audience-tailored product content with any retailer you want.

Immediate impact on your business

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    Grow revenue

    Reach any target audience by getting perfect, tailored product content to all your retailers.

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    Accelerate time-to-market

    Get new products to market faster with smart features like AI data mapping and scheduled exports.

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    Increase conversion

    Stay compliant with evolving data standards while providing your retailers with high-quality product content that increases conversion rates.

Product advantages


Complete commerce insights

Access comprehensive metrics and analytics on centralized dashboards to improve content performance per retailer, category, and brand. Effortlessly monitor consumer content trends to optimize your online product presentation.

Productsup platform

Tailored content per retailer

Customize dynamic product content that matches your consumers’ interests and retailers’ requirements. Tailor your digital shelf to the season or for upcoming sales events.


Global channel visibility

Reach your target audience on more than just retail channels. Automatically syndicate your product data in required GS1, retailer, or marketplace formats, ensuring efficient content syndication.

Key features

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    Advanced collaboration

    Streamline collaboration on product content, internally and with retailers using integrated collaboration functionalities.

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    Enhanced content designer

    Create fully-styled product listings from pre-built design templates optimized for best performance.

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    Seamless global syndication

    Distribute product content to retailers worldwide while ensuring all data is displayed accurately and consistently.

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    Content Portal

    Create customized product catalogs per brand or category, and share these with retailers, partners, and internal team members.

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    GDSN Synchronization

    Upload, maintain, and share high-quality product content automatically to GS1 GDSN, ensuring your trading partners have immediate access.

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