Retail PX

    Retail PX enables brand manufacturers to syndicate flawless and enriched product data to any retailer or channel on every global market, including GDSN.

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    Seamless content syndication to any retailer in the world

    Retail PX enables brands to distribute their product information to any retailer, anywhere in the world. Protect your brand image by ensuring your products or listings are displayed accurately and consistently on the channels where you want them to be seen. Grow your business with excellent customer experiences and a quicker time to market that will drive more sales.

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      Automated and streamlined processes mean you can publish new product data anywhere within minutes.

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      Deliver up-to-date and enriched product data to new retailers or other marketing channels globally with minimal effort.

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      Gain full control over your product content, ensuring consistent and engaging brand experiences across all consumer touchpoints.

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    Product data syndication

    Productsup will automatically integrate and merge product content from any source. Retail PX provides you with the platform to tailor this data to each retailer or website where you display your listings. Deliver consistent and engaging product information to consumers while increasing sales, reducing costs, and eliminating errors from your syndication processes.

    How it works

    • 1. Import your product data in one click

      Make your content available in seconds. Collect and centralize data from any source – PIMs, DAMs, ERPs, or other data sources like XMLs, Excel sheets, and CSVs.

    • 2. Consolidate, enrich and optimize your data for best-in-class performance

      Easily optimize and create content for every channel and audience with bulk editing tools. We have a complete set of scalable features to help you quickly create unique content per retailer, build segments within your target group and add A + content designs to your products

    • 3. Share your content with any retailer

      Share optimized content quickly and automatically with any retailer on any global market. Increase your market share through shorter time-to-market.

    • 4. Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)

      Share master product information automatically by subscribing to a certified GS1 GDSN data pool. The GDSN partnership ensures that trading partners have immediate access to the most current and complete information needed to exchange products on local and global markets.


    Benefits of Retail PX

    • Edit and design your own data model
      Start with all GDSN fields then add the relevant commercial fields for a specific market and audience with just a few clicks.
    • Consistent quality
      Guarantee excellent, customized customer brand experiences on all touchpoints, whatever the region or channel.
    • Tailored AI content
      Automate mapping processes to instantly analyze and connect incoming product data to appropriate channel-specific attributes.
    • Easy-to-use
      No technical knowledge is needed to integrate, enrich and publish all forms of product content. Enjoy complete independence from IT departments.
    • Collaborate with every stakeholder
      Streamlined and transparent processes with in-platform communication features. Assign tasks, ask for support, manage completion or communicate directly with your retailer from your dashboard.
    • Quick time to market
      Gain a competitive advantage by testing the viability of new products on markets in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.