Productsup for Industrial Manufacturing

Implement efficient, automated processes to manage all your product content journeys while expanding your revenue and global reach with Distribution PX and Marketplaces PX!


Generate revenue

The industrial manufacturing industry is undergoing significant transformation with continuous product innovation, pressured by rapidly shifting market conditions, and changing customer expectations.

You can no longer just produce goods and rely on distributors, vendors, or retailers to sell them. More and more, industrial manufacturing businesses are exploring digital ecommerce channels to generate additional revenue and drive growth.


Achieve your goals

You must navigate a diverse product catalog attribute requirements for each digital platform. Delivering precise and highly technical product data to various data pools, distributors, retailers, and installers across multiple countries, while aligning with local classification standards such as ETIM or E-CLASS adds further complexity. However complex, overcoming these barriers is crucial for expanding trade and fostering growth.

Discover how...

...Distribution PX and Marketplaces PX, our P2C platform content syndication and marketplaces solutions, allow you to manage and distribute tailored product content to any channel, for any purpose, and to any target audience.

Accelerate your growth with Distribution PX

Top 3 features of Distribution PX

Distribution PX facilitates seamless digital transformations for industrial manufacturers. Implementing robust, streamlined, and automated processes, you can manage and syndicate your product content to wholesalers, distributors and industrial data pools.

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    Centralize all your product information

    Import data from any source and format (.csv, .xml, .xls, etc.) and enjoy the largest collection of import connectors in the industry.

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    Run visual data mapping and readiness reports

    Automatic product attribute mapping and data analysis identifies errors and creates perfectly structured catalogs that comply with all unique destination requirements.

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    Customize your entire product catalog

    Reach thousands of wholesalers and customers with access to industrial data portals (ARGE, 2ba, EFO and more) and automatically adapt to all required standards (e.g. ECLASS, ETIM, BME-Cat or FAB-DIS).

Grow your business with Marketplaces PX

Top 3 features of Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX will fuel your business growth. By syndicating enriched, error-free product listings to all global marketplaces (e.g. Amazon), you can expand your reach and unlock new revenue sources.

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    Sync order information

    Synchronize orders from all marketplaces in real-time, manage inventory efficiently, and ship your products stress-free. There are no limits to the number of product content updates.

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    Smart data automation

    Our AI tools and scheduling features streamline the aggregation, merging, and distribution of your product content to multiple marketplaces.

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    Advanced collaboration

    Work together with all your content syndication stakeholders. Streamline messaging, manage tasks, and share calendars.