Advertising PX

    Advertising PX makes it simple to integrate, enrich, and distribute product data across advertising channels and social media platforms. Sell more and sell faster by ensuring excellent customer experiences on all touchpoints.

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    From smart feed management to effective marketing campaigns

    Optimize your product data with industry-leading feed management functionalities. Enrich your product listings and create perfectly tailored catalogs for any social or advertising channel and audience. Advertising PX will enable you to overcome the complexity of today's advertising ecosystems.

    • P2C traffic

      Turn raw product information into agile, ecommerce-ready product content that drives performance.

    • Image designer at Productsup

      Collect, structure, and optimize product data that succeeds in the global matrix of digital shopping and marketing channels.

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      Enrich product feeds to boost product exposure and create engaging customer experiences that ultimately turn into sales.

    How it works

    • 1. Integrate product data and turn it into a single source-of-truth
    • 2. Consolidate, enrich and optimize it for better performance
    • 3. Share it with any marketing channels in the world (Google, Meta, Pinterest, Tik Tok)
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    Manage product data

    • Integrate, consolidate and enrich product data from any source
    • AI tools automatically structure the data and map it according to channel templates.
    • Standardize and manipulate all attributes to meet brand or channel guidelines.
    • Create catalogs tailored to audiences
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    Enrich product listings

    • Add marketing information like ratings, videos, custom labels, and more.
    • Add info on promotions or sales events using over 250 drag-and-drop, no-code rule boxes.
    • Customize and pre-schedule export times and cadence to align with your stakeholders’ preferences
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    Real-time campaign insights

    • A/B testing available on all campaigns
    • Trend alerts from over 2500 marketing, shopping, and business channels.
    • Analyze performance in real-time across all channels

    More value from your product data

    Advertising PX features hundreds of rule boxes that will edit, enrich and tweak your product data according to each channel’s requirements or geography. Add value to your marketing campaigns with video and dynamic image design tools, AI-powered product data integration, and automated feed optimization. Productsup’s Advertising PX is a one-stop shop for all of your product data feed management and performance marketing requirements.

    Advertising PX is an unrivaled suite of marketing and feed management features and tools.

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      Automatic data mapping

      Instant merging and smart overviews over all of your product data from integration to export.

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      Local inventory ads (LIA)

      Improve customer experience and increase in-store traffic with dynamic inventory control and store promotions through local inventory ads (LIAs) on Google, Bing, Facebook and more.

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      Image and video designer

      Generate hundreds of thousands of dynamic ads or videos for social channels in seconds.

    • P2C Insights at Productsup
      Campaign optimizations

      Automatically filter out low-performing items from channels to reduce ad spend

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      Product information deep dives

      Reduce returns and improve customer experience with error-free, channel-ready catalogs featuring perfect descriptions and all required and recommended product attributes.

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      A/B testing

      Test product data feed variants to identify the best-performing versions across social channels and marketplaces.

    Learn more about local inventory ads

    Watch this short video to understand what are some of the challenges you might face in doing LIA without a single platform to manage all your feeds and how Productsup can help you simplify your inventory feed management.