Advertising PX

Import, enrich, and distribute tailored product content to all advertising channels, including social media. Unlock the full potential of your product content, boosting sales and achieving new performance standards.

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How it works


Import raw product data with a few clicks from any source and in any format.


Enrich and customize data with data transformation and optimization features.


Export perfectly tailored product content to any channel globally.

From smart feed management to effective campaigns

Optimize your product data with industry-leading feed management functionalities. Enrich your product listings and create perfectly tailored catalogs for any social or advertising channel and audience. Advertising PX will enable you to overcome the complexity of today's advertising ecosystems.

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    Boost marketing performance

    Turn raw product information into channel-ready product content that drives performance. Our customers increased CTR by 20% and items added to cart by 40%.

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    Accelerate time-to-market

    Easily optimize your product content for a global matrix of advertising channels. Update and publish perfectly tailored content on all channels in less than 1 hour.

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    Personalize journeys for global audiences

    Reach your customers with engaging content that fits their individual buyer journey stage. Deliver timely, compelling product content that converts prospects to customers.


Manage product data

  • Integrate, consolidate, and enrich product content from any source
  • Leverage AI-powered product data integration for a seamless data capture process
  • Automatically structure and manipulate content to meet brand and channel guidelines
  • Seamlessly map product content with a few clicks according to each channel template

Enrich product listings

  • Use image design tools to add marketing information like ratings and custom labels
  • Enrich, edit and transform product content using over 250 drag-and-drop, no-code rule boxes
  • Customize and pre-schedule export times and cadence to align with your stakeholders’ preferences

Extract more value from your product content

  • Perform A/B testing on any campaign
  • Quickly adapt content to timely promotions or sales events
  • Leverage automated feed optimization and error alerts to extract all the value from your marketing campaigns and optimize on the fly

Advertising PX is an unrivaled suite of marketing and feed management tools

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    Automatically map data

    Experience intuitive and automated data mapping from the data source to each export channel.

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    Customize per channel

    Distribute product content tailored to each channel – from social media to search engines, including local inventory ads (LIA)

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    Sell on social

    Create complete product catalogs for shopping journeys on social media – from discovery to purchase.

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    Gain efficiency in Google Merchant Center

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