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Industry Report:
Top manufacturing trends in 2024

From the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to changes in business models and the growing emphasis on sustainability, this report provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect in 2024 for industrial manufacturers.

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Why read this report?

As a leader, this is when you might be thinking about how things will play out in the industry next year. We’ve compiled a report full of insights from industry experts about what you can expect in 2024 which includes key trends like:
  1. Increased adoption of industrial classification standards
  2. Newer GTM headaches
  3. Addition of new revenue streams
  4. Product content syndication tools
  5. Industry 5.0
  6. Sustainability

What can you expect?

We’ll give you insights and strategies to remain competitive and innovative by providing an outlook into the important trends that will reshape the industrial manufacturing sector in 2024. From technological trends to business model changes, this is a must read for industrial manufacturing leaders!

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