Onboarding PX

Onboarding PX provides a single source of truth for collecting, storing, and optimizing aggregated product data from unlimited sources and in any format while offering industry-leading in-platform collaboration features for stakeholders.

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Three steps for successful product content onboarding

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    1. Import and receive supplier data

    Collect, aggregate, and centralize data from any supplier and from any format.

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    2. Merge, structure, and optimize data

    Automatically standardize product content from multiple suppliers to match your preferred format and structure while eliminating errors.

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    3. Enrich data

    Enrich your suppliers' data by connecting to multiple internal systems for your internal teams to use and publish.

Benefits of Onboarding PX

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    Automated product data aggregation

    AI-powered tools will support almost all manual data tasks – attribute mapping, taxonomies etc. Onboard new data suppliers in seconds, publishing enriched data within minutes.

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    Winning customer experiences generate more revenue

    Streamline your product content onboarding process, ensuring consistent, accurate, and on-brand experiences on all consumer touchpoints.

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    Efficient supplier data onboarding processes

    Cut costs by importing data quickly and efficiently from anywhere and in any format or data structure, avoiding common, costly errors that delay your time-to-market.

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    Unlimited opportunity

    Attract new suppliers, sellers, and vendors and work on growth strategies, achieving a competitive advantage with quicker time-to-market and improved supplier relationships.


AI-powered imports

Create ready-to-publish catalogs with automatic mapping of incoming seller data into customizable templates.


Centralized data control

Seamlessly connect to all suppliers then manage all product feeds and formats from one central platform. Standardize product data from multiple suppliers into a workable file structure for your internal teams and systems.


Accurate listings

Display on-brand and accurate listings to consumers across all touchpoints, ensuring product details, stock availability, and shipping are always up-to-date.


Get more value from your product data with Onboarding PX

Access machine learning tools, hundreds of data transformation options, automated feed enrichment, and dynamic video and image creators. Productsup has all the features you need to get more value from the product content you receive from vendors and suppliers.

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    Import data from any source

    Import data quickly and efficiently from any vendor or supplier and in any format or data structure, including pre-built integrations with PIM systems, Commerce, and ERP systems

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    Automated data enrichment

    Apply changes in bulk using over 250 easy-to-use transformations that edit, clean and optimize product data.

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    Rapid feed processing

    Set up delta uploads to refresh new and updated attributes rather than repeatedly uploading entire product catalogs.

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    Real-time data analysis

    Create perfect data that drive sales using analytic tools that provide smart overviews of all data and send error notifications.

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    Time-saving templates

    Use custom templates to automatically structure all incoming data to your system’s requirements, saving time and avoiding chaos.

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    Insights to stay ahead

    Visualize your whole product data flow from integration to distribution, so you can learn quickly and adapt to changing market conditions with a faster time-to-market.


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