Onboarding PX

Onboarding PX automates your data onboarding, consolidating and optimizing product content from multiple suppliers and from any format as you effortlessly create comprehensive, ready-to-use product catalogs.

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How it works

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    1. Import

    Import and receive product content from different suppliers in multiple formats.

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    2. Optimize

    Merge, structure, and optimize product content within the Productsup platform.

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    3. Onboard

    Onboard clean product content to multiple internal systems (CRM, ERP, PIM, etc.).

Key benefits

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    Increase your operational efficiency

    Onboard and validate your supplier content automatically. Reduce manual tasks and feedback rounds while ensuring data compliance and standardization.

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    Enhance product content

    Automatically unify product information, prevent errors, and gain a competitive edge as you deliver perfect product content across all channels.

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    Grow your business faster

    Boost your assortment by easily connecting with all suppliers, wherever they are. Import, merge, and manage all product feeds within a single platform and build a consolidated data record.


Accurate product data

Standardize product data from multiple suppliers into a workable file structure for your internal teams and systems. Ensure accurate product data with access to machine learning tools, hundreds of data transformation options, automated feed enrichment and image creators.


AI-powered imports

Create ready-to-publish catalogs with automatic mapping of the right attributes and taxonomies. Our AI-powered attribute mapping of incoming product data to customizable templates allows you to import all supplier product content and merge it into a single, comprehensive catalog.


Collaboration with suppliers and teams

Our collaboration tool is a unique platform feature that helps you work closely with your external suppliers and internal teams all within our platform. Delegate responsibilities to your team members using task management features and a live chat option.

Top 3 features

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    Data view

    Automatically validate and optimize your suppliers’ product content. Create error-free and enriched product catalogs that comply with your unique internal requirements and can be safely onboarded into your systems.

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    Industry standards and rule boxes

    Streamline catalog adjustments to meet all standards – ECLASS, ETIM, FAB-DIS, etc. – or create custom exports in json, xml, and csv formats. Take full control over your data with over 250 rule boxes for seamless end-to-end content flow.

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    Error monitoring

    Monitor the status and health of your supplier data with error events and clear overview dashboards to monitor and manage errors automatically in real-time before they escalate.

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