Productsup for Fashion

The Productsup P2C platform enables your organization to increase operational efficiency while boosting sales on Meta, TikTok, Google, Amazon, Wish, and many more global commerce and marketing channels.


Be omnipresent

The way consumers shop has changed over the years. Consumers fully immerse themselves in a brand through various avenues – be it in physical stores, on the internet, through social media, or even through live shopping events.

Omnichannel commerce is no longer a mere luxury; it's an essential strategy to connect with your customers.


Dominate the competition

You must be transparent, authentic, and readily available to your customers, especially when it comes to shopping on social media. Telling your brand story and what you stand for while creating consistent end-to-end customer experiences is one of the greatest challenges facing ecommerce fashion retailers today.


Enhance your operational efficiency

With Productsup's Product-to-Consumer (P2C) platform, the process of aggregating, optimizing, and distributing product content becomes seamless, leading to improved customer experiences, loyalty and accelerated business growth within the fast-evolving fashion industry.

Over 1,000 global brands, retailers, and online platforms rely on our P2C platform to manage their product content journeys and reach consumers with perfectly tailored, accurate, and compelling product content.

Explore P2C now

Increase conversion and retention with Retail PX

Top 3 features of Retail PX

As part of our P2C platform, Retail PX enables you to import, enrich, and share optimized product data to GS1 and any retailer in the world.

  • icon-world-turning

    Global GS1 GDSN syndication

    Efficiently capture product data and sync it with GS1 and the GDSN, which guarantees retail partners have quick access to accurate data.

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    Streamlined collaboration

    Easily collaborate with content syndication stakeholders, including brand managers, category managers, and fashion representatives.

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    Performance visibility

    See all the necessary metrics to optimize your content on centralized dashboards. This includes insights into content performance for individual brands and channels.

Scale your business with Advertising PX

Top 3 features of Advertising PX

As part of our P2C platform, Advertising PX allows you to manage and distribute your product content to multiple advertising channels and social media platforms.

  • icon-image-designer

    Image Designer

    Create visual product content at-scale with our Image Designer tool. Enhanced product images perform up to 45% better on average.

  • icon-cross-channel

    Cross-channel advertising & social shopping

    Distribute content across all advertising channels. From local inventory ads (LIA) on search engines to in-app shopping on social media apps.

  • icon-square-arrow

    Automated attribute mapping

    Increase performance with AI-powered data flows. Automatically map product data from any source to each export channel.

Grow your fashion business with Marketplaces PX

Top 3 features of Marketplaces PX

Marketplaces PX will fuel your business growth. By syndicating enriched, error-free product listings to all global marketplaces including Amazon, you can expand your reach and unlock new revenue sources.

  • icon-syncronization

    Order synchronization

    Synchronize orders from all marketplaces in real-time, manage inventory efficiently, and ship products stress-free. Make unlimited product content updates.

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    A+ Content builder

    Take advantage of our platform's integrated A+ Content builder to automatically create a fully-styled design and easily share it with any retailer.

  • icon-collaboration

    Effective collaboration

    Work directly with all of your content syndication stakeholders. Streamline messaging, manage tasks, and share calendars.