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AI’s impact on buying and selling

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We know what you’re thinking: ”Not another AI report.” It seems to be all anyone’s talking about these days, as companies across every industry look to the bots to solve their biggest pain points. Especially, generative AI for faster content creation.

But what many are already realizing is that AI isn’t always the perfect solution. Unsupervised AI can create real damage if implemented for the wrong use case, such as categorizing product attributes where 100% precision is required. Even a 5% error margin can have catastrophic consequences – if your catalog has 1 million SKUs, that’s 50,000 SKUs wrongly categorized and at risk of not showing up on channels like Google or Amazon.

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Before introducing new AI-powered tools, businesses need to ensure that the solutions improve their content quality – not just churn out more of the bad. In this guide, we analyze the state of the AI market and identify the top trends, leaders, and use cases making an impact on how we buy and sell. Download the guide to learn where AI is bringing real results and delivering higher ROI.