Productsup for Agencies

Simplify how you manage your clients’ product content across all global advertising channels and leverage smart tools that boost performance. As your feed management partner, Productsup enables you to deliver better results at scale.


Tighter advertising budgets

Agencies are facing increased pressure to deliver results on smaller budgets. Improving efficiency and speed are critical to reducing costs to maintain an attractive ROI.

By combining automation and AI, you can scale your operations, deliver improved ROAS, and increase campaign profitability for your clients.


The decline of third-party identifiers

The removal of cookies and third-party identifiers will impact performance, brand recall, and consumer engagement. Finding new advertising channels with access to first-party data, such as retail media networks, has become critical to reaching your clients' global audiences.


The rise of Generative AI

Generative AI is changing how consumers search for content, requiring more personalized experiences. While adapting to these expectations, agencies need a centralized view of all product content to help clients maintain control over their brand.

Discover why leading global agencies trust Productsup

Manage your clients' product feeds with a single, scalable platform that processes over two trillion SKUs per month. Productsup offers an extensive suite of products, both self- and managed-service, unparalleled 24/7 support, and pricing predictability.

Advertising PX

Leverage our feed management solution

Turn your clients’ raw product data from any source into agile, accurate, and enriched product content to increase conversation rates, sales, ROAS, and ad campaign profitability.

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    Maximize reach

    Leverage thousands of prebuilt global advertising and social channel integrations from Google Merchant Center, Local Inventory Ads, TikTok Shop, and more. We’ll ensure your clients' product data feeds meet the ever-evolving requirements of individual channels. Make changes, add, and test new channels quickly without opening a support ticket.

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    Drive sales

    Rely on AI and automation features to turn basic product content into consistent, targeted, and optimized product content for your ad campaigns and deliver a personalized consumer experience to drive more sales. A/B test your ad campaigns for continuous optimization.

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    Gain full control over data

    Analyze your clients' product catalog performance based on data imported from Google Analytics and our ROI tool. With more data visibility, identify high- and under-performing products and make direct changes immediately to increase ROAS and improve campaign profitability.

Marketplaces PX

Optimize product data for marketplaces

Expand your services and increase the value provided to your clients by managing and optimizing error-free product listings for all major global marketplaces.

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    Boost conversion rate

    Use our platform's enhanced (A+) content builder to create and share tailored designs for your clients on any major marketplace automatically to drive engagement and ultimately boost conversion rate.

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    Improve collaboration

    Streamline your agency's internal processes with our in-platform collaboration features, including task management, user management, and 24-hour support.

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    Accelerate time-to-market

    Leverage smart features to aggregate and distribute your clients’ product listings to any major marketplace automatically, including Amazon, and accelerate your clients' time-to-market.


Leverage our Managed Services for greater efficiency

Don't have the in-house resources or channel expertise to manage your clients’ product data feeds? Looking for a truly strategic and operational partner? Rely on our expert Managed Services team to handle your clients’ feeds, so you can focus on what matters most.

We’ll take over setting up your product data sources, optimizing and structuring your clients' data according to their specifications, exporting their product catalog to various advertising channels, and monitoring their data quality proactively to ensure all feeds adhere to best practices. We also provide your team with dedicated resources for feed-related questions and issue-resolution matters.

With Productsup Managed Services, improve productivity, scale your operations, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape.

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