Overcome data challenges in CPG

Leveraging AI for product content success

Overcome data challenges in CPG | Productsup

How do you know which can of beans is the right size for a chili recipe or which shade of foundation best matches your skin tone? You read the product label.

Product information for consumer packaged goods plays an extremely important role in purchasing decisions. But it’s not just about product preference – CPG product data is how we determine if a box of pasta contains gluten or a bottle of shampoo is sulfate-free.

Ensuring this data is accurate, standardized, and up-to-date is essential to a) avoid consumer health risks and b) achieve successful sales outcomes as a CPG brand. However, this data typically comes in high volumes and complex formats, making it extremely difficult for brands to manage.

That’s why we created this guide – a resource that identifies the trends and challenges shaping today’s CPG industry, and explores the possibilities of using AI technology to create and deliver perfect product content.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The top 5 consumer trends that are transforming CPG this year (ie. increased media consumption, rising interest in sustainability)
  • The value of creating perfect product content and the biggest obstacles CPG brands face in doing so
  • How CPG brands can combine smart technologies (ie. OCR and AI) to better capture product data according to global standards