TikTok live shopping

TikTok live shopping is an ecommerce experience where companies can promote their products through livestream events. It combines the concept of traditional television shopping channels with the power of social media, drawing huge audiences of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. Consumers can tune into these events from their TikTok account, learn about new products from their favorite brands, and make purchases directly on the app. This experience provides businesses with an opportunity to interact and engage with consumers while prompting direct sales.

Oftentimes, companies partner with influencers to lead their live shopping events, spotlighting their products through authentic connections. Many TikTok users resort to the app for information from content creators they’ve come to trust, so by leveraging these unique relationships, brands also gain consumer trust.

For instance, Aldo teamed up with famous TikToker Nate Wyatt and celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell for a TikTok livestream event. The two influencers shared tips for how to style Aldo shoes and accessories, and viewers had the opportunity to instantly purchase these items during the show. Given Wyatt has 6.2 million TikTok followers and the hashtag #mimicuttrell has 4 million views, Aldo was able to present its collection to a massive audience.

What value does TikTok live stream shopping provide?

In general, TikTok is a powerful social commerce platform. It has more than one billion monthly active users and is the world’s third-largest social network. And it’s continuously gaining more traction among consumers – TikTok is the most preferred social platform for receiving ads. Its popularity lies mostly with Gen Z and Millennials, which makes it a prime channel for connecting with those audiences.

What makes TikTok live shopping uniquely valuable?

The live shopping format provides a more immersive experience online. Instead of information being passed in one direction from a brand to consumers (as it is with pre-recorded videos), live events create room for an open dialogue. Consumers can interact in real-time to share feedback on products, and brands can respond immediately throughout the livestream. This creates a more personal experience between brands and consumers, strengthening brand loyalty.

Businesses looking to implement a successful P2C management strategy should consider social commerce on TikTok.

How do influencers enhance TikTok live shopping?

Tapping TikTok influencers for live shopping events is a great way to share product information in a way that will be well-received by consumers. Influencers are typically known for being entertaining and/or informative, so positioning them to talk about products is likely to be a positive experience for shoppers. They can also help attract new customers – for example, someone may tune into a live shopping event because they're an avid follower of a TikTok star, even if they’re not familiar with the brand.

How do you sell products during TikTok live shopping events?

On the more technical side, TikTok live shopping also provides direct paths to purchase. As products are showcased throughout the event, product pins pop up that allow users to add items to their cart and checkout within the TikTok app. The entire shopping journey can take place during the live stream.

TikTok live shopping is only one of the many commerce opportunities available on the platform.

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