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    Social commerce

    From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest, our Social Commerce solution enables you to reach your customers on their favorite platforms.

    Unleash the power of P2C on your social commerce channels

    Our social commerce solution combines the latest P2C technologies with the strategic consultation needed to succeed in commerce’s fastest-growing sector. P2C management empowers businesses to cut through the complexity impeding growth.

    The Productsup Social Commerce P2C solution

    The key benefits of the P2C approach to social commerce that will help you succeed.
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      Smart feed management

      Import and adapt product data from any source. Enhance and export that data to all social commerce channels with just a few clicks.

    • Image designer at Productsup

      Image and video designer

      Create enriched, dynamic, and channel-tailored media content on easy-to-use dashboards without investing in new software or team members.

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      3D account management

      Receive and integrate real-time actionable channel insights and consumer feedback to enhance channel performance and inform your social commerce strategy.

    How it works

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    Streamline your product content flow

    Distribute consistent, high-quality ads and shoppable posts across all social commerce touchpoints with Productsup’s smart Feed Management solution:

    • Adapt your product content to each platform's specifications with easy drag-and-drop mapping.
    • Reduce time-to-market and distribute consistent, up-to-date, and engaging ads to your consumers.
    • Deliver a unified shopping experience from product discovery to checkout
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    Get creative and drive engagement

    Use the Productsup image and video designer tools to enrich product images and videos with compelling product or campaign details:

    • Create unique, captivating product images and videos to accelerate ad campaigns
    • Use preconfigured templates and bulk editing options to quickly edit and enhance campaigns
    • A/B testing functionalities enable rapid campaign performance enhancement
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    Sync orders for better visibility

    Productsup Order Synchronization gives you better visibility of order data across all social commerce campaigns:

    • Synch all order data between your social commerce stores and store management systems
    • Ensure your stock levels are always up-to-date
    • Maintain total control over your campaigns

    P2C social commerce platform gives you complete control

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      Total control

      Own your product information value chains

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      Contextualized & personalized

      Enriched and channel-tailored product content

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      Multichannel overview

      With 3D feedback loops and real time actionable insights

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      Stand out from the crowd

      Create engaging and consistent consumer experiences


    Social Commerce Solution

    The Productsup Social Commerce solution includes a whole range of features which come together to give you complete control over your social commerce product information value chains.

    Real-world customers. Real-life success stories.

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    Learn how Productsup delivers a commerce advantage to our fast-growing customer base across the world.

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    For sustainable success tomorrow, think P2C today

    Talk to us about how a winning P2C strategy can help secure future commerce success.