TikTok collection ads

Collection Ads are a form of TikTok in-feed video ad that directs your consumers to an Instant Gallery Page where they can search for items without ever leaving the app.

In other words, these feed ads let TikTok users browse, discover, and easily find items on a full-screen mobile social media experience. They are incredibly helpful for a business’ product-to-consumer (P2C) efforts on the platform.

From the merchant’s side, these ad formats allow sellers to promote a branded video with tiles showing relevant products at the bottom that lead to the landing page named Instant Gallery Page when a user clicks on them. Standard ad formats, on the other hand, demand your visitors leave TikTok and visit a website. As a result, product discovery, browsing, and buying are made more enjoyable.

How collection ads on TikTok work

The two basic stages to creating Collection Ads are:

  • Setting up the Catalog: You may integrate information about your items into your gallery when you build a Catalog on TikTok Ads Manager. Examples of this information are descriptions, sizes, links, availability, photos, and product videos.
  • Creating Collection Ads: This step involves creating the Instant Gallery Page and publishing the campaign.

How to set up the catalog for TikTok Collection Ads

On TikTok Ads Manager, the Catalog tool lets you control important product details like descriptions, photos, product videos, links, sizes, and availability. Your catalog’s data can be used to create a range of dynamic adverts that present your target market with tailored product recommendations. The items in your product catalog can be imported into your Instant Gallery Page when building Collection Ads.

  • Start by creating a new campaign after logging into TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Choose Traffic or Conversions as the Advertising Objective at the Campaign level.
  • Select Website as the Promotion Type for the Ad Group, then pick a pixel and an Optimization Event. Select the same location as the Targeting Location for your catalog under Targeting and Demographics.
  • Complete the remaining choices for your ad group.
  • Create your ads.
  • Select Collection Ads as the Attachment Experience under Ad Setup and Use Recommended Combination as the Ad Format.
  • Enter the details of your advertisement, including the video (which will direct viewers to your Instant Gallery Page), the display name text, and the profile picture.
  • To configure your Instant Gallery Page, click Create Instant Experience. This will launch the Instant Gallery Page Editor.

How to create TikTok Collection Ads?

Two processes are necessary to create an ad: Creating a gallery page: Establish an Instant Gallery Page that can dynamically showcase the goods your Collection Ads will be promoting. Setting up the campaign: To build Collections Ads, you must set up a campaign and an ad group with the necessary specifications.

You can post your adverts only after creating your Instant Gallery Page. To publish the ads, select Submit from the Ad module. This move will start the examination of your Collection Ads' advertisements. Every item that is displayed in your gallery or catalog, as opposed to standard advertising, will go through the ads review procedure.

Products won't appear in your Collection Ads or on your Instant Gallery Page if they don't pass the ad evaluation. In your catalog or the Instant Gallery Page Editor, you can examine the results of the product reviews.

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