Product catalog

Product catalogs are digital catalogs containing all the product details and attributes from products that a seller, vendor, or supplier wants to distribute or publish on various sales channels.

In-depth definition of product catalog

The product catalog is essentially a digitalized store delivered in a digital file format. And just like a brick-and-mortar store, it has to look good when it is presented to the customers and include every detail about the product. These details include product features, descriptions, dimensions, ingredients, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews, and more. Catalogs are usually imported via product feeds or product information feeds. Product catalogs are an essential element in the catalog management process. Once imported to a system, the data from the catalog is checked for accuracy and then exported to multiple sales channels for online shoppers to browse and purchase.

Why is product catalog management software important?

With commerce anarchy wreaking havoc on the complex paths that stretch between consumers and the product catalog suppliers are trying to sell, manual work on product catalogs has become more than just time-consuming and a waste of time and resources, it is now also totally unnecessary.

Online catalogs on their way to multiple sales channels and ecommerce platforms can now be integrated into next-gen product-to-consumer (P2C) management platforms or individual P2C solutions and software. Product catalog management with a P2C provider can cut down work on a catalog from multiple days to just minutes or hours. The fact that AI-based systems are merging, mapping, collating, and quality-proofing frees up huge amounts of resources and working hours for other activities.

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If marketing teams no longer had to rely on IT departments for their product catalog updates, fixing errors, or even launching new products or creating sales events, they would be able to get new products to market much faster. They could also test and experiment with new products on new or existing channels and execute changes and corrections on-the-fly, avoiding further escalations.

Automation via a new software or P2C management platform also gives the operating teams more time to concentrate on growth and adding new channels and markets to their sales efforts. Marketing teams weren’t destined to spend their days checking spreadsheets for errors. By locating all of their data from their product catalogs in easy-to-read centralized dashboards, marketers can enhance and enrich the data according to their current marketing needs and strategy.

What is a product catalog feed?

A product catalog feed is a digital file containing the product catalog. Product data or product information feeds are the technical names for the product catalog marketers export to their catalog management software for the platform.

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