Redefining feed management for a fast-moving ecommerce landscape

    The Productsup P2C platform empowers you to overcome commerce anarchy by simplifying complex feed management processes, delivering better product experiences, and improving returns. It’s time to take back control.
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    From feeds to feedback

    Exert effective control over every aspect of your global product information value chains. Profit from linking outbound digital flows and product information feedback from digital buyers. The Productsup P2C platform takes feed management to the next level.

    Stop simply optimizing product feeds and start rethinking your strategy

    Turn commerce anarchy into commercial success. Intelligent automation, driven by artificial intelligence and third-party services, delivers actionable insights that drive sustained competitive advantage on over 2,500 channels.

    Tailor product data

    • Gather from any source, from PIM to spreadsheets and beyond.
    • Instantly structure your feed with built-in channel templates.
    • Standardize copy and formatting to meet brand or channel guidelines.
    • Apply changes in bulk with over 250 drag and drop rule boxes.

    Enrich product feeds

    • Incorporate rich information like ratings, videos, custom labels, and more.
    • Rapidly react to consumer trends.
    • A/B test to measure the impact of individual changes.
    • Customize and set publishing schedules for hands-free management.

    One-platform global product insights

    • Global insights from over 2500 marketing, shopping, and business channels.
    • Analyze performance data to optimize your marketing and sales strategy.
    • Develop best practices at global and regional levels.
    • Turn complexity into a competitive advantage.

    Real-time real-world expertise. Right out of the box.

    Find out how Productsup can enable you to realize your P2C strategy.


    Power your product data

    Product value chain automation, artificial intelligence-powered insights, thousands of built-in connections, low-code editing tools. We're processing more data than Google Search every month.

    The Productsup product-to-consumer platform powers product data, freeing up time and resources.


    See the Productsup P2C platform in action

    Would you like to see how the Productsup P2C platform works before scheduling an individual demo? Just select the use cases and features you’re interested in and enter your email address. We’ll create a video that only shows what you want to see.

    Watch demo video
    Feed management guide and webinars

    Supercharge your product feeds

    Would you like to learn more about feed management? We’ve created a guide, a checklist, and three webinars to help you supercharge your feeds.

    Supercharge your feeds now
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    Customer success story

    How EILEEN FISHER takes control of commerce anarchy

    Productsup is the single source of product information for EILEEN FISHER and it defines how the company presents its products across channels. Learn how they successfully break through commerce anarchy with our P2C platform.

    See how they did it

    Real-world customers. Real-life success stories.

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    See how Productsup delivers a commerce advantage to our fast-growing customer base across the world.