P2C platform

A P2C (product-to-consumer) platform is a technology software that enables companies to plan and execute a product-to-consumer strategy as part of their overall commerce operations.

What solutions does a P2C platform provide?

Instead of leaning on multiple different systems to address various commerce processes, a P2C platform provides a one-stop solution that addresses them all. From functions like product content syndication and feed management to seller onboarding and social commerce, a P2C tool is equipped to aggregate, transform, and ship out product data to thousands of marketing and selling channels – as well as continuously monitor and manage that data within the product data ecosystem. By condensing the number of commerce tools within tech stacks, companies can streamline how they manage the lifecycle of their products to overcome commerce anarchy.

What does the P2C software market look like?

From a market analysis conducted by Constellation Research in 2021, P2C is becoming the new “top of stack” of digital commerce and will likely see major growth in the coming years. P2C management had a total addressable market of over $11 billion in 2021.

Major players within the P2C market include Akeneo, Inriver, Pimcore, and Riversand. Productsup was named one of the most comprehensive P2C solutions in the category.

What are the characteristics of a strong P2C tool?

To fully understand how a P2C solution works, businesses should consider the following key features of a strong P2C platform:

1. Consumer reach

P2C tools allow for real-time syndication of product information to any commerce channel. Regardless of where consumers are shopping, companies should be able to tailor their product data to fit the product feed specifications and style of each channel. In doing so, companies can expand their reach and customer base by tapping into new markets and channels.

Key features to look out for in P2C software:

  • Exports product data to all major shopping platforms
  • Manages ad spend based on profitability
  • Automatically A/B tests product content
  • Digital shelf analytics with SEO recommendations

2. Commerce management

P2C tools don’t just service a section of a company’s commerce operations; they carry out the entire management journey. A strong P2C platform leverages integrations, automations, and analytics to streamline all aspects of marketing and selling products to consumers.

Key features to look out for in P2C software:

  • SaaS cloud delivery
  • Compatible with most IT systems
  • Maps the flow of product data
  • Monitors the entire product data ecosystem
  • Imports and exports data continuously
  • Sales campaign optimization
  • Recovery and loss prevention

3. Product data ecosystem

With one central location for managing product information value chains, a P2C platform is equipped to handle huge volumes of data. It should act as a master platform, sourcing data from an infinite number of sellers, vendors, and manufacturers.

Key features to look out for in P2C software:

  • Supports all forms of product data
  • Holds an infinite product catalog size
  • Supports third-party data services
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