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Product Content Syndication

Capture attention across markets and channels with automated syndication that works for your team.

From structuring to publishing
The modern product experience spans channels and timezones. Productsup helps you craft and share product stories your brand can be proud of.
Publish product content faster than ever
Share and sell more around the globe
Tell consistent product stories across touchpoints
Connect everywhere
The Productsup platform is equipped with everything you need to execute channel strategies that were once out of reach. Expand further and capture more revenue through seamless connections to any and all shopping, marketing, and business channels.
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What to expect

Prepare and syndicate high-quality product catalogs using built-in channel templates, analysis tools, integrated APIs, and more.

Productsup at a glance

The Productsup platform is built for easy use and simplifying changes of any type, size, or complexity. Automation is at the core of every feature and tool. Users of any skill level are able to simplify and expedite processes for integrating, transforming, and distributing product content.

Features you’ll love

  • Item setup sheets let you create, utilize, and validate retailer spreadsheets.
  • Channel previews let users immediately visualize product content as it will appear on channels like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
  • Integrated up-to-date channel templates give complete visibility of which attributes are required for each channel and make it easy to map existing data to required attributes.
  • Automated mapping processes immediately analyze and connect incoming data to the appropriate channel-specific attribute.
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Real, complete product data control

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Four steps to global syndication

  • IntegrateCollect and centralize data from any silo, including PIMs, DAMs, ERPs, and more.
  • Cleanse & structureEliminate errors of any kind and format channel-ready catalogs, automatically and in bulk.
  • EnhanceAdd additional data like analytics, product reviews, or custom labels to enrich your content.
  • DistributeConnect with your entire syndication network, from data pools and PIM systems to the auto-creation of BMECat, ICECat files, and more.

Benefits of your total multichannel strategy

  • Scale globallyExpand your footprint and reach new markets overnight.
  • Reduce overheadEmpower your team to work faster, achieve more, and save on resources.
  • Increase salesSell more with higher-quality product content and wider reach.
“Not having to manually add products to Amazon eliminated the most time-consuming aspect of the process. Based on successful past experiences, Productsup was the logical tool to be used for this project.”
Iris van Hees
Online Marketing Consultant eCommerce

Popular features

On top of the thousands of built-in connections, easy editing, and syndication tools, the Productsup platform includes the features you need to reach more channels than ever.

Data Map

Visualize the complete journey of your product data - from source to end destination.

Channel Previews

Get a look through your customer’s eyes with exact previews of your listings and ads.

200+ bulk editing options

Transform your product data with editing options that can be applied in bulk with drag-and-drop.


Get error messages sent directly to the right team member’s inbox so they can act fast if errors occur.


Ensure error-free, channel-ready catalogs with a thorough and automated review of every product attribute.

A/B Testing

Test product data variants in order to pinpoint the absolute best performing version.

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