Product content syndication

    Productsup empowers brands and manufacturers to overcome commerce anarchy by enabling them to win the attention of shoppers and stand out across all markets and channels with automated syndication.

    Structure. Publish. Share.

    Product content syndication delivered through a single product information value chain management platform from Productsup, already trusted by over 900 manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers globally.
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      Publish product content faster than ever.

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      Share and sell more around the globe.

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      Tell consistent product stories across touchpoints.


    Connect with everyone. Everywhere.

    Productsup product content syndication enables brands and manufacturers to take advantage of complexity and publish compelling content faster than ever, telling a consistent story across every channel in every time zone relevant to their offer.


    Explore Productsup product content syndication

    Intuitive. Effortless. Feature-rich. Gain complete control of information value chain product data to overcome commerce anarchy, effortlessly.
    • Consistent quality
      Prepare and syndicate high-quality product catalogs using built-in channel templates, analysis tools, integrated APIs, and more.
    • Tailored content
      Automate mapping processes to immediately analyze and connect incoming data to appropriate channel-specific attributes.
    • User-friendly
      Allow users of any skill level to simplify and expedite the integration, transformation, and distribution of product content. Easily make changes of any type, size, or complexity.
    • Channel previews
      Instantly visualize product content as it will appear to your shoppers on channels like Amazon and Google.
    • Integrated channel templates
      Gain complete real-time visibility of the attributes required for each channel and make it easy to map existing data to required formats.
    • Item setup sheets
      Create, utilize, and validate retailer spreadsheets.

    The four steps to global syndication

    1. Integrate
    Collect and centralize data from any silo including PIMs, DAMs, and ERPs.

    2. Cleanse and structure
    Automatically eliminate errors and format channel-ready catalogs in bulk.

    3. Enhance
    Enrich content with additional data like analytics, product reviews, and custom labels.

    4. Distribute
    Connect to data pools, retailers, and distributors.


    Powerful features

    Automation, thousands of built-in connections, and easy editing tools are just the start. Productsup includes all the features needed to enhance feed management and drive conversions.

    Product content syndication for Industry 4.0

    A guide for PIM executives

    We’ve prepared a guide and a checklist to help PIM executives and data managers navigate the current landscape of product content syndication. What’s more, there are two webinars to help you to win the race to digital transformation.

    Gain complete control of product data. Effortlessly.

    Let’s discuss how Productsup can empower your team. No sales pitch. Just the salient points.

    We help over 900 companies achieve their ambitions.

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