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    The Productsup P2C platform neutralizes commerce anarchy by powering automated syndication for brands and manufacturers. Stand out in all markets and on all sales channels. Find new buyers, and keep them coming back for more.

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    Structure. Publish. Share.

    With the Productsup P2C platform, PIM executives, data managers, and sales and marketing teams can quickly generate flawless data exports. Which means their products are always displayed in the right way and on the right channels while providing excellent customer experiences every time.

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      Publish product content faster than ever.

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      Share and sell more around the globe.

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      Tell consistent product stories across all touchpoints.

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    Product data syndication. Redefined

    Syndicating product data is more than just exporting content to whoever is asking. Productsup elevates and enhances your product content by tailoring it perfectly to your targeted channels and recipients on any channel worldwide.

    Deliver tailor-made product data – including product images and assets – onto all ecommerce touchpoints where your products are sold, and ensure your products are always accompanied by the latest contextualized content.

    Automate and align the manual data syndication processes that otherwise lead to inconsistent product content across channels. Take back full control over your product data and start overcoming commerce anarchy today.


    Connect with everyone. Everywhere.

    Productsup product content syndication enables brands and manufacturers to cut through complexity, publish compelling content faster than ever, and tell consistent stories across every channel in all relevant time zones.

    Explore Productsup

    Explore Productsup product data syndication

    Intuitive. Effortless. Feature-rich. Take complete control of your product information value chains and start overcoming commerce anarchy.
    • Consistent quality
      Prepare and syndicate high-quality product catalogs using built-in channel templates, analytic tools, integrated APIs, and more.
    • Tailored content
      Automate mapping processes to instantly analyze and connect incoming product data to appropriate channel-specific attributes.
    • User-friendly
      Enable users of any skill level to simplify and accelerate the integration, transformation, and distribution of product content. Apply changes of any type, size, or complexity with ease.
    • Channel previews
      Instantly visualize product content exactly as it will appear to your shoppers on channels like Amazon and Google.
    • Integrated channel templates
      Visualize product content exactly as it will appear to buyers on channels like Amazon and Google.

    The four steps to global syndication

    1. Integrate
    Collect and centralize data from any silo including PIMs, DAMs, and ERPs.

    2. Cleanse and structure
    Automatically eliminate errors and format channel-ready catalogs in bulk.

    3. Enhance
    Enrich content with additional data like analytics, product reviews, and custom labels.

    4. Distribute
    Connect to data pools, retailers, and distributors.


    The features that power commerce success

    Automation, thousands of built-in connections, and easy editing tools are just the start. Are you ready to take your product marketing to the next level? Whether your next step is D2C, marketplaces, or connecting online and offline for your omnichannel strategy, talk to our support team who can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

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    Product content syndication in the age of P2C

    A guide for PIM executives in industrial manufacturing

    Industrial product content is in higher demand than ever. Product content recipients are also evolving as their requirements become increasingly sophisticated. Comprehensive P2C platforms are the only solution that can both support PIM executives and data managers to meet the increased content demand, as well as deliver the kind of high-quality content recipients expect. We’ve prepared a short guide to help you navigate the current product content syndication landscape.

    Learn more
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    Christian Renz
    Head of eCommerce and PIM

    Productsup was the missing piece we needed to easily connect our product data from our existing system to our various export channels, adding automations and creating structure. The Productsup P2C platform enables us to execute on a consistent, data-driven strategy.

    For sustainable success tomorrow, think P2C today

    Talk to us about how a winning P2C strategy can help secure future commerce success.

    Real-world customers. Real-life success stories.

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