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What it means to personalize the shopping experience today goes far beyond the basics of simple ad targeting. Online shoppers don’t want to see anything appear on their screens that isn’t relevant to them. They have no time to watch or scroll through unnecessary ads before making a purchase. Businesses that fail to embrace this reality put their brand reputation at stake – almost 51% of customers unsubscribe from brands that bombard them with irrelevant ads.

So, how do you cater to the needs, preferences, and interests of each individual consumer when selling to various target demographics and markets? The answer to large-scale personalization for your ecommerce business is dynamic ads.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads refer to online advertisements that customize ad templates and content instantly, and in such a way that is tailored to the recently, or frequently, searched product of a specific user. The ads pull data from your product feed, such as product images, descriptions, colors, textures, inventory levels, etc., and present the targeted consumer with ads that are most relevant to them, so they’re more likely to click through to your desired location (ie. landing page, product page, etc.) This way shoppers see ads for products they have already shown interest for, instead of being force-fed unwanted products.

Dynamic ads take various factors into consideration for personalization, like your customers’ demographics, browsing patterns, purchase history, product preferences, or geolocation. Let’s consider you run a hotel in California and have listed your property online. With dynamic ads, when someone browses on Google for “Best suite rooms in California”, your ad with the title “Suite rooms- California” appears. If the customer clicks on the ad, they are directed to your suite room landing page where they can make a booking immediately. This reduces your customer’s search time and prevents distractions.

What are the advantages of dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads are the best way to expand your business’ reachability and visibility across global markets and personally guide your customers throughout the online shopping journey. Here’s what dynamic ads can offer your ecommerce business:

  • Personalized customer experiences

Almost 91% of online customers choose to return to businesses that remember their preferences and provide them with relevant suggestions and deals. They expect you to be their personal shopping companion, providing them with accurate recommendations and accompanying them throughout the purchasing journey, making it seamless.

Dynamic ads ensure the right ads reach the right target audiences. The more relatable your ads are to the audience, the more likely they are to convert into a sale.

  • Lower ad spend and higher marketing ROI

We spend around $674 billion on advertising every year. Yes, ads cost the highest share of expenditures for the majority of businesses. Dynamic ad tools reduce these costs by automating most of the ad creation process, including customizing the product feed specifications for the specific target audience. They help attract more relevant leads to your website, which ultimately increases conversions and return on investment.

  • Increased reachability

Dynamic ads can be displayed across search engines like Google, websites like your own ecommerce store, marketplaces like Amazon, and social media channels like Facebook and TikTok. Hence, your brand becomes widely known to like-minded audiences who are looking for your business or businesses similar to yours across these platforms. This, in turn, increases the traffic to your business.

  • Improved analytics on customer behavior

Dynamic ad tools allow you to analyze the data of your ad campaigns’ performance. It provides significant data on customer behavior, such as visitor traffic, page views, shopping cart abandonments, and purchases made, helping you optimize your ads accordingly to provide a better user experience, win more customers, and grow your business.

Dynamic ads, as the name suggests, enable a dynamic marketing strategy that helps you to up your brand image, customer experience, customer retention, and overall revenue. Create more value in the shopping journey for your online shoppers! Learn how Productsup enables companies to hyper-personalize product content at scale with Advertising PX.

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