TikTok Shop

Your customers are already browsing on TikTok, so why not enable them to buy directly on the fastest-growing channel? Using our integration, offer your customers an engaging end-to-end buying experience with native checkout and enhanced product content.


TikTok Shop Explainer

What it is, tips and highlights

Key benefits of TikTok Shop

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    Boost your reach

    Tap into TikTok's highly-engaged user base to amplify your brand's visibility and reach a global audience.

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    Leverage trends

    Tailor product content according to viral TikTok trends to guide users to your product listings.

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    Streamline purchasing

    Enable customers to discover, explore, and purchase products directly on TikTok to simplify the buying experience.

Brands and retailers require a convenient solution to effectively display and sell products on TikTok Shop. Our TikTok Shop API integration automates the selling process, making it easy to onboard and manage product data on TikTok without the hassle of manual tasks. Through personalized product listings and streamlined order fulfillment, turn one of the world’s most popular advertising channels into a sales engine.


Create and manage your products on TikTok Shop

Use our seamless data imports, automated templates, smart attribute mapping, and TikTok Shop API integration to quickly syndicate all your products to TikTok without delays.

  • Easily set up and update product listings on TikTok Shop
  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency effortlessly with our fast delta uploads

Import orders from TikTok

Import orders data instantly from TikTok before forwarding it to your order management system for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

  • Seamlessly transfer TikTok Shop orders to your internal system
  • Automate order fulfillment
  • Eliminate manual data entry and streamline order management for improved efficiency

Export shipment notifications into TikTok

Automatically send TikTok shipment details and tracking numbers, giving your customers full transparency.

  • Send automated shipment updates to customers on TikTok
  • Integrate your order management system (OMS) or internal system to export tracking information
  • Enhance the customer experience with timely order status updates

Sell more with Advertising PX

The TikTok Shop API is part of Advertising PX, Productsup’s best-in-class feed management solution that enables marketers to manage the complex landscape of advertising and social media channels in order to sell more, sell faster, and reach more target consumers.

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