Product content management

Product content management or PCM for short – is all the management processes for product data/product information in the form of product catalogs that consolidate, merge, optimize and enhance product data before it's syndicated or distributed in product data feed across commerce platforms and marketplaces.

In-depth product content management (PCM) definition

The final export feeds comply with all regulations and requirements of the individual channels. Product content management is, therefore, the process which merges, optimizes and cleans product data before it is exported to various sales portals and channels.

Product content management forms one part of so-called product content syndication which comprises strategy, management (PCM) and digital marketing all rolled into one single term. PCM is also considered a process for executing Product Content Syndication strategy.

PCM includes content creation, aggregation, categorization, scheduling, staging, publication, and syndication. Beyond the core product content processes, it also includes assigning platform-specific attributes such as category, price, formatting, or sales promotions.

Why is the latest product content management software important?

Product Content Management was traditionally handled by various Product Information Management (PIM) systems. These systems could manage most of the data required to market and sell products through different channels and marketplaces. However, as the commerce space has evolved, traditional PIM systems can no longer handle its complexity.

Although PIMs make it possible to collect and combine all product information from different sources and different formats into a single master source, they lack the ability to gather feedback from consumers, platforms, and channels as well as lacking the capacity to integrate the latest social commerce and digital marketing necessities.

Your PXM software partner should have asset or creative enhancement and enrichment capabilities integrated into its platform that can reach to your consumer target group. Bulk editing functions across all feeds, creative graphic enhancement, dynamic ad software, and comprehensive performance reporting are essential for any solution supporting product data management. These are only available with advanced product-to-consumer platforms.

This means that successful Product Content Management now requires the capability brought by the latest P2C platforms, which are comprehensive enough to deal with all management as well as marketing and analytics requirements for effective and successful Product Content Syndication.

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