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  • Doubled CTR

    on Facebook for dynamic ads

  • Double-digit uplift in CTR

    on Google Search Ads 360

  • Creatives now updated

    in minutes rather than days


Virgin Australia Group is a major Australian airline group headquartered in Brisbane. The company currently operates scheduled domestic and short-haul international flights, charter and cargo services, and the award-winning loyalty program Velocity Frequent Flyer. The Group has been a competitor in the Australian aviation landscape for more than 20 years and employs around 7,000 people. Virgin Australia has been awarded best cabin crew over several years, including in 2019. 2020 and 2021 (airlineratings.com).

With the customer at the heart of everything they do, the Virgin Australia team employs a fully data-driven approach to marketing activation. With change in the aviation industry being the only constant, flexibility is key, especially when travel restrictions are changing almost daily. Efficiency, process automation, and control are also critical. To adapt to these changes, Virgin Australia is optimizing its network schedule at an unprecedented pace and with a range of options to provide its customers more choice and value. That’s why Virgin Australia’s marketing team asked the Productsup P2C platform to support the business in a more automated and dynamic way.


  • Automation and centralization of data
  • Ensuring consistent messaging across all channels

Virgin Australia knew they would have to automate and centralize data processing to work more efficiently, improve their time to market, and have more control over their workflows. They rebuilt their dynamic creative optimization solution during the COVID-19 pandemic to quickly adapt their communication in response to constantly changing travel restrictions.

Getting the right messages to consumers and adapting to ever-changing market conditions is an ongoing challenge particularly when you are aiming for consistent messaging across all channels.


  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • Image Designer

Feed management has had an overwhelmingly positive impact at Virgin Australia. It changed the way they do things in digital marketing. Every action is based on data insights, and all marketing channels are approached in the same way.

The Productsup P2C platform’s “Dynamic creative optimization” feature delivers the main elements of the information needed to build feed-based display banners, social media ads, and paid search ads. Product and price information, as well as promotional copy, are now updated centrally instead of going through separate systems.

Design requirements vary from platform to platform, even within the same platform. Productsup’s Image Designer enables quick changes to the 24 Facebook templates by using different and easily amendable overlays without IT or agency support.


  • Increased control and efficiency
  • Truly personalized messages across all channels
  • Improved performance

The Productsup platform is key to centralizing and structuring product data for Virgin Australia’s marketing team. It gives them control over messages going out to their channels efficiently and consistently.

The Image Designer had an immediate impact on the quality of their creatives. From basic images to pixel-perfect, relevant illustrations, the new assets considerably improved the CTRs. For example, sale banners created with the Productsup Image Designer doubled the CTR on Facebook.

There was a double-digit increase in CTR when using feed integrated price points on Google’s Search Ads 360.

Future plans

Virgin Australia’s marketing team is now bringing more data into Productsup to use the platform for more projects.

Feed-based and dynamic solutions have become key requirements for companies looking to expand to new channels. By leveraging existing feeds, Virgin Australia can quickly activate a consistent set of offers and creatives across new and evolving marketing channels.

For Virgin Australia, Productsup proved to be more than a feed management solution. It enabled them to overcome commerce anarchy and thrive in the highly competitive travel industry. The P2C platform allows them to go beyond optimizing processes and manage their product value information chains efficiently – transforming relationships with customers and partners.

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Eva Thesing
Performance Marketing Analyst

“Productsup opens up a whole new world of opportunities for building custom solutions for any advertising channel. I can easily edit or update images in one place and know they'll be edited everywhere, without having to rely on another department or agency."

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