How reduced their time-to-market and increased ROAS on Google Shopping by 100%


    The case

    Trendyol is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce company in Turkey and MENA, selling more than 70 million unique products per year.

    With an incredible foundation in place, Trendyol was looking to expand and grow even further. They would need to maximize their online product visibility by maintaining a strong presence on as many shopping and marketing channels as possible. For Trendyol, this meant distributing and maintaining 30+ large, complex product feeds to a variety of different ecommerce channels, including Google Shopping.

    However, their approach to feed management, which involved heavy support from their technology department, was much too slow and did not grant them the agility needed to act and get their products to market quickly. They found themselves unable to embrace new opportunities as they came and were losing sales in the time it took to get their products live. Unequipped with an easy tool, Trendyol was dealing with several obstacles when it came to feed management.

    The challenges

    With their original feed management process, Trendyol faced 3 key blockers that were slowing their expansion.

    1. The need to customize product feeds according to the different requirements of more than 30 channels

    Every ecommerce channel boasts their own unique product feed specifications and rules that companies must abide by in order to get their products live. For Trendyol, this meant relying on their technology department to tailor and customize each of their 30 different product feeds for every channel. However, with their technology department already working on so many other tasks, it was near impossible to quickly and effectively adapt a feed in a timely manner. While waiting for their technology department, Trendyol was missing out on sales and new revenue-driving opportunities.

    2. The need to frequently update the product feeds to ensure accuracy

    All 30 of Trendyol’s feeds needed to be updated regularly in order to ensure that every channel had the most up-to-date product information. For this, Trendyol relied again on their technology department. Due to their technology department’s already heavy workload, even the smallest feed updates took hours, which is not optimal for maintaining accurate product information on each channel. This delay had a negative impact on their digital marketing performance. Plus, this approach would never be sustainable in the long term if they hoped to grow and expand.

    3. Preparing and maintaining feeds for Google Shopping

    Google is notorious for its strict feed rules and requirements. Trendyol needed to prepare highly-customized Google Shopping feeds in order to adhere to the channel’s specifications and avoid getting their products disapproved. Furthermore, Trendyol needed to map each of its products to the Google product category taxonomies, and create and manage Google Merchant Center sub accounts for each of its 2000 sellers.

    However, for these tasks, they required the help of their technology department, which was busy working on other projects.

    The solutions

    Trendyol was able to overcome all of the above challenges and eliminate the dependency on their technology department with the help of powerful feed management and optimization software, Productsup.

    1. Quick & Simple Feed Customization

    With access to 1500+ preconfigured export channel templates on Productsup, Trendyol was able to build perfectly-structured, channel-ready feeds for all of their export channels in no time. Moreover, they made use of the platform’s 200+ pre-set data edit boxes, which could be easily applied in bulk through intuitive drag-and-drop technology. All of this could be done without any help from their technology department.

    For further enrichment, Trendyol made use of additional import sources like Google Spreadsheets and Google Analytics and also the popular custom label attributes.

    Trendyol was also able to stay on top of all their feed exports with the help of the Productsup Error Monitoring feature. With this, they were automatically sent email notifications the moment any error occurred (i.e. inaccurate or missing information). This helped them eliminate the risk of having their products disapproved by any of their various export channels.

    2. Seamless data syndication

    In order to ensure all of their export channels were always stocked with the most up-to-date product information, Trendyol used a variety of Productsup’s integrated APIs. With these, they could seamlessly export their feeds within minutes.

    To save even more time, Trendyol made use of Delta exports on Productsup. These allowed the company to save a drastic amount of time by only exporting products that had been changed or updated, rather than their entire feed. This also significantly reduced the time it took to get their products to market.

    3. Smart Google Shopping features

    With Productsup’s preconfigured Google Merchant Center export template, Trendyol was able to perfectly structure their feeds according to Google’s notoriously strict feed specifications. This meant no more disapproved products!

    Trendyol automated the task of manual category mapping with Productsup’s Category Mapping List Feature. This way, they could pull relevant data that was already present within existing attributes, like product type, instead of having to enter individual categories manually. From there, they simply had to map the information to the relevant Google category - and done!

    What’s more, Trendyol used Productsup’s built-in Google Content API to keep Google Merchant Center stocked with their most up-to-date product information. This way, they could easily add new products to or automatically create new sub accounts on their Google Multi-Merchant Center account. The entire export process took just seconds.

    Trendyol’s use of Delta Exports would also help ensure the upkeep of their GMC sub-account information, reducing the time it took for changes to appear within each sub-account.


    Thanks to Productsup and local support provided by metrics34, an experienced digital marketing agency and Productsup’s Partner in Turkey, Trendyol can now produce a perfectly-tailored, channel-ready product feed of any size, for all their export channels in just 30 minutes!

    Now, Trendyol’s technology department simply needs to import one feed into Productsup, where it can be easily cleansed, customized, and optimized according to any of the given channel’s specifications! But they haven’t only seen improvements in efficiency.

    Since using the Productsup software, Trendyol has doubled the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on their top 1000 products on Google Shopping. Meanwhile, they saw a 2.5 × increase in CTR and cut their CPC in half.

    Aside from Google Shopping, Trendyol has been able to create high-quality, customized product feeds for their affiliate partners and a variety of other channels.


    Number of products

    70 million

    Product feeds


    Use Case

    Google Shopping


    • Improve Google Shopping feed quality & performance
    • Maintain accurate, consistent product data across channels
    • Get to market faster & scale


    Trendyol's mission is to assist consumers with all their purchasing needs, at any time, with the best available technology and experience.

    Founded in 2010, Trendyol is the largest internet employer in Turkey with a team of nearly 2000 people. Recently in 2018, Alibaba Group invested in Trendyol and joined them in a strategic partnership, reportedly to be the largest in Turkey’s internet industry to date.

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