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Case was founded in 2010 with the aim of making fashion accessible to everyone. Today it is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce platform in Turkey and MENA region. It supports the digitization of more than 200,000 independent traders and SMEs, helping them reach more customers and grow its businesses. Trendyol delivers more than 1 million packages per day to its customers. The platform offers a wide variety of products from fashion, electronics, home furniture, mother & child, and cosmetics. Its mission is to support consumers in all of their purchasing needs, while striving for the ultimate customer experiences using modern technology.

The team managing the Trendyol digital marketing channels plays a crucial role in getting the right information out to the right channels in time. They also work on improving effectiveness in dynamic advertising areas by optimizing both the feed management process and supporting technologies. They ensure that Trendyol complies with the requirements on the 30 or more channels they use. Quickly and easily changing and creating feeds feeds, improving the feed exclusion processes, and maintaining accurate and consistent product data across all channels were the top 3 challenges facing the digital marketing team.


  • Minimizing time to alter and create feeds
  • Diversify information per channel
  • Consistent, accurate messaging across all channels

Before the introduction of the Productsup Product-to-Consumer (P2C) platform, all seller feeds for each of the social media channels – Facebook, TikTok etc. – had to go through IT. They added the tasks to their sprint plan which meant getting information out to potential customers always took longer than the digital marketing team expected. This not only negatively impacted Trendyol’s digital marketing performance, but it was also not sustainable in the long term, stalling the business’ future growth and expansion plans.

Each marketing channel has its own stringent feed rules and requirements. Adapting product information from more than 200,000 vendors to 30 channels without a powerful platform solution was proving to be a nightmare. Unable to release up-to-date accurate product information adapted to specific channel feed requirements, meant that Trendyol could not live up to customer expectations. They missed out on sales and forgoing new revenue-driving opportunities.


  • Feed management
  • Blacklist/whitelist filters
  • Reporting & viewing capabilities

The Productsup P2C platform has brought many advantages to the Trendyol digital marketing team and the business as a whole. The platform gives the team the ability to quickly relay sudden price fluctuations on to other channels. They use blacklist/whitelist filters to manage which products they display and which they hide. Because they can now create feeds for commercial channels quickly and whenever needed, Trendyol now capitalizes on business opportunities as soon as they present themselves.

Effective reporting and intuitive dashboard visualization within the platform make it easy to ensure that all data exported to external channels meets the highest quality standards. The team receives instant notifications if there are any issues with the data in the feeds. Accurate and consistent information on all channels maximizes returns for the businesses Trendyol represents as well as the customers it serves.


  • Flexibility and speed
  • Improved feed data quality
  • Increased ROAS up to 100%

Now independent of the IT department, the digital marketing team are managing all feed management processes and activities themselves. The Productsup P2C platform considerably improved the effectiveness of their feed management in several ways. Import and export times were reduced considerably while changing and adding new feeds transformed into a quick and painless process. Immediate intervention to address errors made Trendyol’s channel management more effective.

Productsup unique information value chain management delivers consistent, accurate, and up-to-date product information across all marketing channels. Higher quality data improves the service they provide to vendors and their customers’ experience. Working with Productsup, the digital marketing team could more effectively use their time and skills – for example, they generated a 100% increase in return on ad spend on Google Shopping alone.

Future plans

The digital marketing team at Trendyol is exploring the Productsup platform and they continue to add new services to their portfolio. Looking at the ongoing innovation of the world’s most comprehensive P2C platform, Trendyol can rest assured that it will always have access to the latest technologies to enable them to grow their business.

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Serkan Tezcan
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

"Being able to manage all our feed management processes and activities from the Productsup P2C platform helps us deal with commerce anarchy by quickly releasing accurate product information for our vendors to over 30 channels."

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