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Talent mobility program at Productsup Talent mobility program at Productsup

The Productsup internal mobility program enables us to move laterally or vertically within the company to support our career development.

Our approach is part of a broader strategy to maximize each person’s individual contribution to Productsup and to develop their special skill sets.

Laura Dauksyte, Learning & Development Lead at Productsup, explains that:

“We don’t define career progression and personal growth as ladders that need to be climbed, where employees focus on climbing higher, first becoming a people manager, then a director. We aim to foster an environment where moving up the career ladder is just one of many options. We believe that gaining valuable experience, skills, and knowledge and building strong relationships is equally important for long-term career growth. This deep learning can happen in your current position or when you move inside the company – changing teams or departments. That’s why we encourage our people to be proactive and keep exploring!”

Productsup’s people-first approach gives employees a clear career path so they can upskill and continue to work towards the company’s mission. By the third quarter of 2022 alone, 63 employees decided to further their careers by taking up new roles within Productsup. 67% of new leadership and senior positions were filled through internal promotion.

Life at Productsup: Once upon a time…

In conversation with Marilena Kyriakou, Team Lead Technical Support EMEA, and Lukas Geissler, Solution Architect EMEA, we’ll discover exciting and inspiring stories of career and personal development at Productsup.

Hello, please introduce yourselves.

Lukas: My name is Lukas. I'm 24 years old and was born in the city of Hamm in the west of Germany. I've been with Productsup for 2 years now and joined the company right after earning a degree in Business Psychology. I also gained work experience at a recruiting agency for Real Estate and Finance in Berlin.

Lukas and Yoshi

Lukas and Yoshi, one of his most beloved colleagues.

Marilena: I’m Marilena. I’m originally from sunny Greece, but I’m currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. I’m a certified yoga teacher. In my free time, I like to stay active, cook, and dance. Before Productsup, I worked at a tech company in the travel industry in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Marilena in Greece Marilena relaxing in beautiful sunny Greece

What is your Productsup story?

Lukas: I decided to join Productsup after graduation because the company aligned with my interests, personality, and skills. I wasn’t really sure what to do after my studies, but Productsup felt like the right company to join.

Marilena: I left Mallorca because Productsup offered me such a great opportunity. I really liked everyone I met during the interview process and the position was exciting enough to get me to leave the sun behind and move to Berlin. I’ve been working for Productsup for nearly 4 years. I still remember my first week here. Everyone was really open, warm, and welcoming, and they made me feel like I’d already been working for the company for a long time.

What do you do at Productsup?

Lukas: I started as a Trainee in Business Development, where I researched target accounts and engaged leads in the UK and Ireland. After 6 months, I moved on to the Technical Support Team, which was a huge change. I’ve always been interested in the technical side of things and I felt that my role in business development wasn’t right for me. I enjoyed hearing about business strategies and the challenges companies face, so I wanted a role that combined both sales and tech. That’s why the Solution Architect role appealed to me so much.

Lukas Geissler

Marilena: I was hired as an Account Manager with knowledge of English and Spanish. I soon realized how much I loved diving into the platform’s technical features. I later moved to Customer Success and became a Senior Customer Success Manager, working on reinforcing Productsup’s relationship with our customers. I also managed technical projects. Going further into the tech side of things, I then joined the Second Level Technical Support Team and specialized in handling complex technical issues. In November 2021 I was promoted to Team Lead First Level Technical Support, where I lead a team of incredible individuals with great technical skills and a customer-centered attitude. We’re on support front lines. When a client has a challenge or a question about the platform, we provide support and make them happy. I am looking forward to growing the team and supporting each member on their own career development journey.

Embracing change, moving forwards

How big were the changes between the different roles you had?

Lukas: It’s a real bonus for a Solution Architect to have experience in both the Sales and Solutions departments. I know our platform inside out, there’s not much I haven’t seen. I learned what kind of problems customers use Productsup to fix and I’m also familiar with what’s important to prospective customers and companies on a strategic level. I've been lucky to combine a lot of my personal interests with my job and I get to work on very interesting projects – both from a technical and business perspective. I couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out for me at Productsup.

Marilena: All my role changes happened because I wanted to explore different business areas and improve my soft skills. My managers were always very supportive and encouraged me to move to different roles and find something that I really enjoyed.

Marilena Kyriakou

“Marilena joined the company four years ago as an Account Manager and grew into the Senior Client Success role. She is always willing to go the extra mile with her platform knowledge and her passion for mentoring people. It's a pleasure to have her in our team and witness her growth." - Manager

Lukas, was it easy to switch departments?

Lukas: My former manager in the Business Development team told me that a new position was about to open up. It was just a matter of chatting with my future manager to better understand what to expect and what was expected from me. I also had to do a case-study presentation. It was a very smooth process.

Marilena, what did you have to do when applying for the new roles?

Marilena: I went through the internal mobility process where I had an entry call with the designated recruiter and then a second call with the hiring manager. During this call, there were a lot of questions about the required skill set and my day-to-day tasks. After this, I presented a case study to the hiring manager and a senior member of the new team. The process was quick and transparent.

How was your career move perceived by your colleagues?

Lukas: Each time I switched teams, my managers took the time to understand my long-term motivations and offer me support. It was clear they wanted me to succeed without putting any pressure on me. This was more evidence that Productsup was the right company for me to continue my career.

Marilena: Every time I changed roles my colleagues were very supportive both on the teams I was leaving and the teams I joined. I am very grateful to have worked with so many great people.

What do you think makes Productsup such a great place to work?

Lukas: Productsup is a great place to learn and meet fantastic people from different backgrounds.

Marilena “If there is a will, there is a way” As long as you are motivated to pursue the job, then everything else follows. Be curious, ask questions and do what’s best for your development. Productsup is a fantastic company to join, even if you don’t have a crystal clear career path in mind.

Why do you love Productsup?

Lukas: Because of the great people and the open culture.

Marilena For the amazing people here. I never once felt uncomfortable and I was supported throughout my career development.

Thanks for sharing your amazing Productsup journeys. We love to see our colleagues thrive. One thing is clear at Productsup: it’s up to you to take your career through a gateway of infinite possibilities.

Productsup is a sum of its unique blend of talented individuals who form the main ingredient of our collective success. Over 300 employees from 43 nationalities covering 45 markets and over 1000 customers. Together we build, together we achieve, together we care.

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