All you need to know about P2C certification

P2C Certification Summary P2C Certification Summary

The Product-to-Consumer (P2C) category was announced in November 2021. Considering the current economic uncertainty, the P2C category is probably the most important category in ecommerce tech. Because P2C strategies reduce the overwhelming complexity of the paths stretching between products and consumers, the category has become a new home for companies seeking to help sellers move more products to more consumers.

Why should I become P2C certified?

The product-to-consumer transformation journey will take different paths in each organization because all businesses are at different stages of P2C readiness. It’s therefore crucial for individuals within these organizations to be aware of the full extent of the P2C category. P2C certification is the best way to become a master of the category and to help steer your organization in the right direction on its P2C transformation journey.

What is P2C certification?

P2C certification takes around 145 minutes at the most. This time includes the quiz where you earn your certificate. The Productsup Knowledge academy hosts the course material which is a mix of readable content and videos.

The fundamental topic is commerce anarchy and how it is eating into resources and revenue across the omnichannel space. Increasing complexity on all sales channels and a proliferation of channels and new tech is wreaking havoc on businesses trying to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Before taking the quiz, the Academy will inform you of many challenges you probably recognize from your daily work. Challenges caused by commerce anarchy alongside their business impacts. There are no easy solutions to commerce anarchy, in fact, marketers have had to rethink the classic product value chain (PVC) theory, instead now favoring product information value chains (PIVC). All products are now digital, so the value chains that held true for decades now have to accommodate the reality of digital products in the form of product data and the very new way in which these kinds of products can create value. The course will also explain the kind of tech essential to identifying new product value information chains and the solutions which will reap value from this new paradigm. The solutions that support P2C transformation include smart feed management, automated seller and vendor onboarding, and seamless social commerce campaign management to name a few.

The final part of the course looks at the structural changes required by businesses if they want to transform their strategies and begin a P2C transformation journey. The Product-to-consumer Maturity Model is a way for businesses to see where they are on the P2C path and what they have to do to

Get certified and transform how you get products to consumers

To get certified, simply click the button below and go to the Productsup Academy and follow the instructions there. Knowledge Academy is where our customers have access to all the information and courses they need to work with our intuitive P2 platform.

  • Go to the Academy
  • Watch and read the course material (multiple sittings possible)
  • Take the quiz and get certified

Get certified!

P2C certification webinar series

If you are unsure about taking the P2C certification course, then why not check out our three-part webinar series where we introduce the main themes of certification in short, engaging videos that you can watch on-demand and at your convenience?

The first video answers the question What is commerce anarchy? And it looks at the root causes of commerce anarchy while explaining how it affects so many businesses. It will also show you how you can turn digital retail complexity into a competitive advantage.

The second video answers the question What is a product-to-consumer strategy? It examines why the P2C category came about, explains why a P2C strategy is crucial for omnichannel success and introduces the P2C tech enabling businesses to implement P2C strategies.

The final video in the series gives you insights into how the P2C category is changing ecommerce. The webinar discusses how P2C transformation is creating omnichannel success.

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Course material

The Productsup product-to-consumer certification webinar series

This webinar series will help you prep for P2C Certification. The 3-part series introduces Commerce Anarchy - its root causes and impacts, and the essential elements of P2C: the groundbreaking strategy for turning commerce challenges into business success.