What is product-to-consumer strategy?

The P2C certification webinar series
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In this second 20-minute webinar in our P2C certification series, our Product Marketing expert Annelies Northup will discuss the product-to-consumer (P2C) category and the tech revolutionizing how businesses get products to consumers.

For some years now, the digital routes between suppliers and consumers have become increasingly complex. The P2C category was born to provide businesses with the strategic thinking and tech to overcome commerce anarchy.

This webinar will

  • Talk about the P2C category and explain its roots
  • Discuss why a P2C strategy is fundamental for omnichannel success
  • Look at the P2C tech that’s enabling businesses to implement P2C strategies

Not your time zone? Check out our America's event here.

Presented by

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    Annelies Northup

    Product Marketing Manager