P2C transformation

P2C transformation is the process of planning and implementing a product-to-consumer strategy across an entire organization – including across all departments and operating geographies. The P2C strategy needs to be backed by a strong platform that is equipped to handle all product information value chains.

Why should companies transform with P2C?

When a successful P2C transformation is achieved, companies have full control over their product information value chains, providing them with complete visibility and agility when managing their commerce operations.

Companies that transform with P2C benefit in the following ways:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Lower operating costs
  • More efficiency
  • Higher revenue
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Expanded customer base

How can businesses achieve a full P2C transformation?

To achieve a full P2C transformation, companies should use the P2C Maturity Model to identify what stage they’re at on the P2C journey and determine where they need to make improvements. There are five levels within the maturity model that distinguish P2C readiness based on the extent to which a P2C strategy and technology has been adopted.

The five levels of P2C maturity are:

  • Anarchic: Little to no P2C technology or processes have been deployed. Companies at this stage struggle with data siloes and lack of control over their commerce operations.
  • Reactive: Some P2C technology and/or processes have been deployed. There’s usually a lack of balance between how and where P2C has been adopted within an organization.
  • Proactive: Extensive P2C tech stack and/or strategy is in use but companies still lack full control of product information value chains.
  • Predictive: Advanced P2C tech stack and strategy is in use. Companies have full control over product information value chains on a global and department-wide basis.
  • Transformative: Companies continually evaluate and improve their P2C technology and processes to identify new opportunity areas.

By progressing toward the transformative state, companies can be sure they’re maximizing their global commerce potential.

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