P2C certification

The P2C certification is an accreditation that denotes expertise on the basic principles and best practices of product-to-consumer (P2C) management. Business professionals can take a free, 1.5-hour long course through the Productsup Academy to earn a P2C certificate.

The course teaches the foundations of:

Anyone who successfully completes the course receives an official P2C certificate and a P2C badge to display on LinkedIn, company websites, and other owned channels.

Why should you get P2C certified?

A lot has changed in the way the commerce landscape operates. Consumers now shop for holiday gifts in September, make purchases directly on TikTok, try on items from home using augmented reality, and receive shipments on the same day they place online orders. While it’s an incredibly exciting time to be a commerce professional in this fast-paced environment, it also means that the marketing and selling strategies that have been used for decades don’t necessarily apply anymore.

Being equipped to tackle commerce anarchy and achieve long-term growth requires constant relearning. We’re entering the next era of commerce where the focus lies on streamlining operations to better reach consumers. P2C management is a radical new approach that can simplify management processes and give businesses back control over their product data across the commerce ecosystem.

Becoming P2C certified is an opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to implement a strong P2C strategy across your entire organization. With a P2C certification, you’ll be equipped to:

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