GDSN data pool

Imagine you are trying to shop for a pair of running shoes online. You juggle between websites and ecommerce platforms – comparing the best deals available. Your size is US 7 (9.4 inches) as per the brand’s website, but as per the marketplace’s size chart, a US 7 is 9.8 inches. Out of frustration and uncertainty, you move on to another pair of shoes from a different brand where the sizing appears to be consistent.

Now, this havoc could’ve been avoided if the manufacturer had employed GDSN data pool systems. This way they can streamline consistent product details and descriptions on every platform where the shoes are sold. This is exactly what GDSN does.

What is the GDSN data pool?

GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network. It refers to a global network that enables the exchange of standardized product data among all parties (ie. retailers, partners, customers, etc.) across websites and ecommerce marketplaces. The GDSN data pool plays a significant role in all industries – retail, healthcare, CPG, food service, etc.

By synchronizing product data across platforms, businesses can ensure that all of their retailers have the same information about their products, such as product detail pages, descriptions, images, price, stock availability, etc. However, manually entering such large volumes of data into every platform, while ensuring consistency, is practically impossible. With GDSN, all of your product data is entered into a centralized database system.

Here you can update, edit, and remove information as per your requirements. The changes will, in turn, be reflected on the retailer’s website instantly. Let’s say you have introduced a particular color in a specific product. You can add it to the GDSN central database and the color will be in stock on all of the retail channels you sell on.

However, the operation of the GDSN data pool system is strictly guided by set protocols and rules determining how the data synchronization or exchange will occur across worldwide networks. This eliminates recurring errors, anomalies, and inconsistencies in product data, enhancing business collaborations and customer loyalty.

Key industries where GDSN is significant

  • 1. Retail

Generally, retailers, be it clothing, drugs, grocery, or any other retail business, deal with a huge quantity of products across a multitude of categories. Most of the time, their suppliers don’t have all of the information needed, let alone in the correct format.

Having a standardized database system like the GDSN data pool makes it easy for suppliers to regularly update their product catalog, such as making alterations or removing details when required, and then synchronize it with all of their retailers. That way, a customer looking for gluten-free cereal can simply browse online or scan a barcode at the store to find out everything about the cereal they need to shop.

  • 2. Healthcare

Healthcare is a crucial industry that requires working quickly but with diligence. The GDSN data pool governed by GS1 standards enables everyone involved (ie. manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and healthcare providers) to exchange reliable and standard information about all healthcare products. This is important to ensure patient safety.

Let’s say, a hospital needs to order a particular medication for a patient. With GDSN, they can easily access the right product details, like dosage, expiration date, ingredients, or cost, ensuring they provide the right medical support at the right time to their patient. No chaos, no confusion!

  • 3. Automotive

Have you ever been confused between different versions of the same car? Has finding the right spare part for your bike model been tedious? Yes, the automotive industry has vast products that look and sound similar, making it difficult for an amateur to choose. Consolidating standard product information across retailers and suppliers through GDSN can make the purchase smooth and seamless for customers. The customer can easily find her authentic bike spare part by scrolling through the product data (ie. product version, color, installation, price, etc.)

Why should your business subscribe to the GDSN data pool?

People, as we are creatures of habit, tend to be intrigued by consistency. Businesses that follow consistent brand image, values, messaging, and customer experience become trustworthy to buyers. This way they know what to expect from your business when they reach out to you and feel confident with their purchasing decisions.

The GDSN data pool also plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards for product data. By facilitating the accurate and standardized exchange of information across the supply chain, GDSN ensures that product data adheres to regulatory requirements. This not only enhances data accuracy but also promotes transparency, efficiency, and ultimately, regulatory compliance within the global trading community.

Productsup is a certified GS1 partner, which means product data processed through our platform is automatically shared with the GDSN data pool. Learn more about how our AI data capture tool, Product Guard PX, can automatically source your product data, verify it according to global standards, and syndicate it to all of your retail channels.