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GS1 is an international nonprofit organization that brings industry leaders, government, regulators, academia, and associations together to develop standards-based solutions to address the challenges of product data exchange. GS1 operates in 116 countries, works with over two million companies, and facilitates six billion transactions every day to help ensure there is a common business language across the globe.

About the partnership

Productsup has a partnership with GS1 in several countries, including the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We’re the first partner to use AI for capturing and certifying product information according to GS1 standards. Powered by an advanced set of algorithms developed in-house, our AI data capture can recognize data on a digital product label, map it automatically in the correct attributes, and share it with any GDSN data pool at the push of a button. By digitizing the entire data capture process, suppliers save money and time when sharing product information with global GS1 data pools, granting all desired GDSN recipients immediate access.

Key advantages:

  • Data available in GS1 within 48 hours
  • Automated data synchronization to GDSN
  • Higher data accuracy
  • Complete digitization; no costs required for transporting physical products

“We see a lot of companies that commit to the capture of data, and we made the choice to go with Productsup, one of the best performing platforms in the market, to make sure we can offer our suppliers a simple tool to capture and certify all label information.”

Jan Somers, CEO of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

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Barcoding and identification, Global Data Synchronization, Product Data Certification, Electronic Data Interchange, Data Quality and Integrity, Healthcare Standards, Industry Collaboration and Advocacy

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