A glimpse into the connection between Productsup and Amazon: How does a brand manufacturer like Kimberly-Clark benefit from this?

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Productsup is part of the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, the trusted and Amazon-approved third-party software and services that automate, manage, and grow your business. Retailers and suppliers who wish to sell their brands via Amazon can make use of this system to transfer and translate necessary data and assets. Productsup can streamline this process by handling the login, global content delivery to Amazon, and communication of all desired products and data.

"Our partnership with Amazon allows us to automatically publish content worldwide within all of Amazon's product categories," said Koen Looijmans, founder of World of Content, a Productsup company. “Brand owners can now optimize their ecommerce performance at Amazon through Productsup. An automatic connection ensures that we publish all product data, images, videos and even A+ content at optimum speed to achieve optimal conversion.”


Kimberly-Clark, supplier of world famous brands, was experiencing the problem of product content being overwritten incorrectly, which affected their online product presentation. Content was being published in the wrong language as countries overwrote foreign content when it was delivered to them, including data such as the shared ASINS (Amazon Standard Identification Number). These changes to the product content were done through the Amazon portal at a global level, which resulted in a lack of oversight concerning the data translations.

“Many brand manufacturers recognize this problem. The biggest drawback that this overwriting problem presents is that Amazon's website visitors are presented with product information in a language other than their native tongue. Obviously, this is not something you want to provide to your potential customers. We are happy to be able to solve this problem for any supplier or retailer,” said Dominic van Waversveld, Key Account Manager at Productsup.


Through the partnership between Kimberly-Clark and Productsup, content is customized per country and automatically sent out to the different required marketplaces. This ensures suppliers that product content is always optimized and published correctly.

Kimberly-Clark is using the Productsup Amazon API connection to share content with Amazon in various countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Since Productsup is a golden partner of Amazon, brands and suppliers who have partnered with Productsup can use the P2C platform to directly import, enrich, and automatically share content with Amazon for all five marketplaces within the scope.


At all times, Productsup guarantees full syndication of all content and proactive follow up with Amazon if needed. The Productsup Product-to-Consumer (P2C) platform will show the mandatory attributes per category, making it very easy for clients to see where data is missing and what chances for content optimization there are. The API connection with Amazon can be utilized in all countries worldwide, as long as the local requirements of these countries are met with regard to the configuration of the Productsup data model.

"Every retailer has its own online content needs. And whether it concerns ecommerce players or the ‘brick & mortar’ customers, every algorithm is different,” said Sophie van Logtestijn, Customer Business Manager eCommerce at Kimberly-Clark. “That is why it is important to have the correct foundation to build on. Productsup greatly helps us with this. Our goal is to continuously improve our online shelf presentation, and Productsup offers a fully automated content platform and the necessary support to make this happen."

There is more!

The online product experience doesn’t stop with just sharing images and text. Amazon allows suppliers to publish complete product stories through their A+ Content functionality. Productsup supports this feature by making it possible for brands and suppliers to build a fully styled design and publish this in no time. The creation of A+ Content is available in all required languages and is integrated within the platform. A+ Content is perfectly deployable for:

  • Grabbing serious attention of the website visitor
  • Creating in-depth product stories
  • Showing specific product comparisons
  • Increasing sales through a brand store

Together with Amazon, Productsup is allowing brands and retailers to take complete control of their product content. In this way, and with the extension of our API, we offer new sales possibilities, new opportunities, and new chances for global outreach and the highest possible market share of product saturation. If you would like to know more about this service and Productsup, please contact our sales department! We are always ready to help you.

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Sophie van Logtestijn
Customer Business Manager eCommerce

"Our goal is to continuously improve our online shelf presentation, and Productsup offers a fully automated content platform and the necessary support to make this happen."

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