How EILEEN FISHER takes control of commerce anarchy

    • 1 day

      Time to process feeds down from weeks to a day

    • Hundreds of thousands of $

      in revenue generated through Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping and more

    • One

      single platform for product data management

    The case

    EILEEN FISHER is one of the pioneers in sustainable fashion design, now making circularity the new standard for sustainability. From ethical production to buying products back from customers in order to create new clothes or art, EILEEN FISHER is ‘committed to changing the clothing industry and women’s lives’.

    Doing business in numerous countries with partners that range from large wholesalers to smaller specialty stores puts pressure on their old marketing and feed management systems. Although there was an abundance of product data available, only part of it was relevant to customers. The information was stored inconsistently and getting the right data to the right channel proved to be quite a challenge, to say the least. And so was reporting.

    In order for the company to remain successful in the highly competitive fashion market and to get their remarkable vision and story across to a large audience, they were ready to take advantage of more innovative technology.

    The challenges

    • Getting consistent product information out to customers
    • Easily change and add feeds
    • Have access to meaningful reporting

    EILEEN FISHER was facing a problem that’s familiar to many: having inconsistent and incomplete data. This not only prevented the company from getting out the right message to the right audience, but proved to be confusing to both its own employees and customers. So much that it was hampering business.

    The team was facing difficulties with the delivery of the feeds, the information in the feeds themselves and the fact that a feed could only be processed once a week. Adding much needed new channels was a never-ending story and became eventually impossible without a powerful platform.

    EILEEN FISHER had various product data systems in place, but they were not connected. They had no visibility into how their product data performed, so could not take any action to improve performance. They were in need of meaningful reporting.

    The solutions

    • One single feed management solution
    • Salesforce integration adds relevant store info
    • Error notifications

    Productsup is the single source of product information for EILEEN FISHER and defines how the company presents its products across channels. With the help of our platform, the team was able to clean and tailor backlog product data with relatively little effort and ensure efficient logging of new product data.

    Productsup covers EILEEN FISHER’s needs beyond classic feed management. For instance, the team uses the Productsup Platform for photo shoots, managing the product shot list and sharing it with photographers, so they know which products need to be photographed and how.

    The integration with Movable Ink means contact information of the nearest store can be added to the emails sent to the customer base. This information is also sent to Salesforce Commerce Cloud to ensure stores are open for pick-up, effectively helping people plan their next visit. Another feed helps bridge the gap between how product information is shown in the POS System and how it’s shown online, which makes it easier to help customers place their orders.


    • Improve data quality with little effort
    • Update feeds in days instead of weeks
    • Always in control due to meaningful reporting

    The use of innovative and scalable technology is crucial if you manage entire product lifecycles from sustainable raw materials, to bringing out new designs and dealing with products when they are eventually returned to the company. Even more so when partners and customers expect you to inform them about every step along the way.

    To succeed in the increasingly complex retail landscape, companies need to be able to tailor and manage product data easily. With Productsup, EILEEN FISHER can now update feeds in a day instead of weeks. They can also create new feeds with just a few clicks and send their product data to where it needs to be.

    Reporting on the status of all feeds is timely, relevant, and much more extensive than before. When an issue arises, the team finds out about it right away. They know where to look for the problem and can now solve it in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

    Future plans

    The company continues to grow and product information keeps evolving. EILEEN FISHER currently takes its sustainability vision to the next level by actively helping customers combine different pieces of her collections by badging all the products. And the team will continue to adopt new functionalities to stay ahead of the game.

    What EILEEN FISHER achieves with the Productsup Platform has a direct impact on the finances of the company as it helps them keep the information to and from customers flowing efficiently. They can easily navigate the paths between products and customers with our powerful and scalable platform and ensure a stellar shopping experience.



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    EILEEN FISHER is one of the pioneers in sustainable fashion design, now making circularity the new standard for sustainability. From ethical production to buying products back from customers in order to create new clothes or art, EILEEN FISHER is ‘committed to changing the clothing industry and women’s lives’.

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    Commerce anarchy has pretty much been my life before I got to work with Productsup. Now I feel that I’m 100% in control and have everything I need to do a good job right at my fingertips. And when I go on vacation, someone else can simply take over."

    Zachary A. Martz
    Director Enterprise Project Management, EILEEN FISHER
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