What is Google’s Display & Video 360?

Benefits of Google Display & Video 360 Benefits of Google Display & Video 360

For some time, Google has been looking for new and innovative ways to move beyond Search and enter other parts of the ecommerce and marketing worlds. Display & Video 360 is a means for companies to consolidate their Google advertising data and workflows which will give them faster insights, easier collaboration, and hopefully better marketing results.

The tool combines collaborative tools, with smart reporting and AI-based optimization of campaigns. So you can get your creative, analytics, video, and digital teams all working together from within one space.

The insights options offer specialized keyword, demographic, and remarketing reports and recommendations which, Google promises, will help you reach more customers by encouraging them to notice your brand, consider your products or services and make a purchasing decision.

As always, Google offers to automate bidding and optimization. They claim that their “automated bidding strategy drives performance”, while it certainly reduces manual tasks and bidding optimization on a large scale, it remains to be seen if marketing teams want to hand their entire budgets over to Google’s algorithms for safekeeping. Let’s now look at some of the main features of Google’s Marketing Platform.

What are the benefits of Display & Video 360?

Collaborative space for organizations

Google’s collaborative tool is a single space where teams can manage creative, analytics, digital, and even TV data.

Smart, real-time insights of your Google campaigns

Google will give you access to all of the audience insights from all of your campaigns, including real-time insights so you can tweak campaigns as they run. The tool does not, however, incorporate insights from campaigns running on other platforms, which means that if you are managing multiple campaigns from multiple channels then a more holistic insights tool is probably a better fit for your organization.

Automated bidding and optimization

By opting for automated bidding and optimizations on a campaign level, you can dramatically reduce your manual tasks across all of the campaign media. Because the AI looks at current trends in real-time, you can quickly address changing consumer needs quickly.

What are the key services offered by Display & Video 360?

Campaign management tools

Google is offering tools to build your own media plan, reach forecasting, automated bidding, and a whole host of other data solutions to make your campaign management easier.

Creative design and optimization

With a whole creative workspace with multiple creative user roles, your team can utilize the Ad Canvas and Format Gallery spaces to work your storytelling into your creative assets. Google has integrated web designer tools into the Design space, so you won’t need any other software to build your Google-ready assets.

Advanced audience targeting

With Audience Discovery and Management, Google will both suggest recommended targeting options and will optimize your audience targeting for you.

Premium inventory features

Google deploys ad fraud technologies – including ads.txt standard – to detect fraudulent impressions and help advertisers get refunds.

You can also measure the success of high-quality TV inventory via video streams and even traditional linear TV.

Get comprehensively unified reporting across YouTube and all other media buys. You will get access to all TrueView formats and YouTube Reserve inventory alongside cross-exchange deal types. Use common metrics such as viewability, verification, and brand lift to unlock actionable insights across all campaigns.

Use the Marketplace feature to discover good inventory, directly negotiate deals, and manage all within an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s basically a shoppable storefront for programmatic campaigns.

Holistic measurement

Active View metrics are fully transparent and are based on a direct measurement of each impression. So, you can measure in real-time, if and when viewers see your ads.

Measure and view stats on the number of unique users and average impressions-per-user on your video and your display ads. Metrics aren’t duplicated across devices, campaigns, inventory and formats so you won’t get false stats. There is a TV dashboard available for tracking your TV ads

Google integrations

Display & Video 360 has integrations with a number of third-party software services that will help you assess and understand your marketing performance, including viewability, brand safety, and audience measurement.

However, you can also view the performance of your Display & Video 360 campaigns in Analytics 360 for a more complete view of results. The Google Preferred, YouTube Reserve and TrueView inventory services are also available for you to buy in Display & Video 360.

You can also integrate all of your Google campaigns into Productsup’s leading P2C platform and handle your ecommerce in one place, across advertising and social channels or marketplaces.

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