Performance Insights PX

Create user-friendly reports without requiring complex BI tools or IT support. Leverage real-time data to act quickly and improve performance metrics.

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How it works


Pull advertising performance data from internal reports and digital marketing channels like Google, Meta, TikTok, etc.


Merge and structure data. No more endless and error-prone spreadsheet analysis and functions to perform content performance attribution.


Analyze data to identify performance gaps and opportunities.

Key benefits

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    Gain speed and agility

    React to changing market conditions faster using real-time, self-service reporting. Eliminate repetitive manual reporting and dependence on BI teams, saving time and costs.

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    Improve performance

    Mitigate risk and make proactive decisions based on live data to improve campaigns that aren’t meeting targets.

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    Boost revenue

    Adapt performance-based strategies to optimize campaigns (ex. increase ROAS, CAC, and ROI) and identify new revenue opportunities.


Granular and real-time campaign insights

Access granular performance details to pivot and scale your campaigns on the fly:

  • Real-time data on all campaigns and channels
  • Full-funnel reporting, from impressions to ROI
  • Analyze creatives and keywords on all channels with ROI metrics
  • Easy onboarding and integration to your systems

Big picture reporting and helicopter view

Quickly build and customize dashboards that power informed decisions on short and long-term strategy:

  • Independence from Business Intelligence and IT for quicker processes
  • Save time and costs spent on continuous manual report and dashboard creation
  • Overview of all campaigns and channel types

Top 3 features

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    Real-time reporting

    Access live reporting and dashboards with fresh data on KPIs, like ROAS and CAC, to enable quick decision-making and proactive campaign adjustment.

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    Digital marketing funnel overview

    Merge data from internal sources and external channels, including total impressions, clicks, conversions, costs, and profitability.

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    Easy A/B testing

    Experiment with new content strategies and quickly identify the top performers to improve results across all channels continuously.

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