Performance Insights PX

Productsup Performance Insights PX is a next-generation real-time reporting and analytics solution that gives marketers full ownership and visibility over their marketing campaign performance.


The Productsup Insights solution

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    Real-time trend analytics

    Learn what’s selling and on which channels with detailed multi-channel reports

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    Deep-dive insights with a click

    Extract product-level performance data in real-time without any tech training, enabling rapid campaign optimization

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    Smart visualization

    Easy-to-read and customizable dashboards visualize all the data you need to identify trends and inform your strategy

How it works

  • 1. Get product performance data

    Integrate with any marketing channel within seconds and without any technical support from IT.

  • 2. Automatically cleans, processes and transforms data

    No more VLOOKUPs on Excel to map UTMs, or Inner Joins and Group By's in BigQuery.

  • 3. Obtain valuable insights from your performance marketing data

    Quickly build dashboards to visualize data across all your data channels and deliver powerful reports, identify new revenue-generating opportunities, optimize budget allocation and make data-based decisions based on current trends.

Why Performance Insights PX

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    Increase team agility with accurate and instant performance reporting. Create one source of truth for your entire funnel.

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    Save time and costs spent on continuous manual report creation and enjoy reporting independence from Business Intelligence and IT.

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    Optimize ad spend and improve marketing metrics (RoAS, CAC) with automated discovery of actionable insights from real-time data.

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    Know the latest trends as they happen and scale your campaigns accordingly. Identify new revenue opportunities and make proactive decisions based on current market data.


Easy access for everyone

Give your whole organization the power to easily pull data, build dashboards, and inform strategy based on accurate data.

  • No coding or technical knowledge required
  • Independence from Business Intelligence and IT
  • All information in one centralized platform

One source of knowledge

Complete control over your product data, marketing efforts, and reporting from a central location. The only source of truth for your entire funnel. Your advertising data is automatically linked to analytics and attribution data.


All the data, all the time

Performance Insights PX gives you high-level overviews, and granular performance deep dives on all your listings whenever you need it.

  • Real-time data on all campaigns and channels
  • Full-funnel reporting from impressions to ROI
  • Analyze creatives and keywords on all channels with ROI metrics
  • Easy onboarding and integration to your systems

Effective dashboards

Extract metrics and customize data the way your team wants it. Quickly build and customize dashboards and visualize data for more informed short and long-term strategy.

  • Create new dashboards in minutes
  • Overview of all campaigns and channel types
  • Native visualization design

Performance Insights PX solutions

The Productsup Insights solution includes a whole range of features that provide your entire organization with easy access to real-time channel and product data.

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    Fully tailored dashboards

    Deep dive into your KPIs and group data by country, brand, channel, category, etc.

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    Multi-channel asset-level reporting

    Visualize reporting by category – publisher, gender, or other segments. See creative assets in reports alongside your custom metrics. Schedule reports for internal teams or agencies.

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    Automated layering of SEO and SEM data

    Analyze SEO traffic potential and compare clicks and activations with SEM performance – reducing the number of reports and data extraction.

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    Compare Google Ads across regions

    Understand how global and local campaigns are performing across organic and paid search.

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    Measure the impact of TV commercials

    Optimize investments in non-performance channels based on digital activations so you can analyze the impact of TV commercials on performance.