Gain efficiency in Google Merchant Center

Easily manage your product content on Google Merchant Center to optimize your Google Shopping, search ad, and local inventory ad campaigns for commerce success.

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Key benefits

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    Reduce costs

    Minimize operational costs with automated feed management that streamlines how you publish product content updates to Google Merchant Center.

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    Grow revenue

    Increase sales by speeding up time-to-market and expanding your reach in Google Shopping and local inventory ad campaigns.

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    Boost performance

    Increase your product visibility and CTR with compelling and error-free product content and listings.


Seamless Google Merchant Center Integration

Manage your product content and order information effortlessly through our Google Merchant Center Integration via API or XML.

  • Synchronize inventory information in real-time for up-to-date product pricing and availability.
  • Update product listings in bulk, including titles, descriptions, prices, and images.
  • Use delta uploads and the API integration to publish updated product content six times faster than before, ensuring faster time to market.

Improve your ad content with our Google Merchant Center Integration


Enhanced Google Shopping Ads

With our GMC Integration, upload accurate and consistent product listings for your Google Shopping feed to enhance your customer experience.

Improve your performance on Google Shopping Ads with error detection, real-time channel previews, and A/B testing to optimize campaigns and user journeys.


Engaging Google Search Ads

Provide engaging and accurate product content for Google Ads Keyword Planner to generate high-quality keywords for your advertising campaigns.

Optimize and send up-to-date product content to Dynamic Search Ads to keep your ads relevant.


Optimized Google Local Inventory Ads feeds

Attract local online shoppers to your physical stores with localized feeds for Google LIA campaigns.

Display up-to-date information on prices, availability, and location of your in-store products automatically.

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