Insights is a powerful reporting solution on the Productsup platform that lets users deep-dive into product-level performance marketing data. One of the core principles guiding Insights is the complex feedback loop technology that is enabled by rich product information value chains. Insights prepares and processes this data in a way that it can be easily read and understood by any user so that it may be put into action to improve product-to-consumer strategies.

What makes Insights better than other reporting tools?

The Insights solution provides users of the Productsup P2C platform with granular product-level data that can be compiled in easy-to-read reports, flexible dashboards, KPI breakdowns, etc for all kinds of users. There are lots of customization options to display data in meaningful ways to make it easier to inform a business’ P2C strategy.

The Insights solution aims to streamline the marketing reporting process, nurture independence from BI reporting and IT, and provide a single platform solution that does not require coding knowledge.

The key benefits of the Insights solution are:

  • Increase team agility by providing visualization and analysis of data in real-time
  • Time and cost efficiency by automating traditionally manual and labor-intensive workflows
  • More effective realization of revenue potential by increasing ad spend returns and reducing acquisition costs
  • Scaling and growth of a business by providing insights on current and upcoming consumer trends

Because Insights holistically provides product performance data, it is an essential solution to enables businesses to master commerce anarchy.

What kind of data does the Insights solution provide?

One of the major principles of 3D commerce is that your product information value chains (PIVCs) provide deep customer feedback loops. This is in distinction to the traditional 2D commerce environment that was not able to provide feedback loops on product and consumer levels. This technology produces a wealth of data that enables the understanding of consumer behavior on a deeper level. And Insights makes this data understandable and actionable.

Simply put, a business using this reporting solution will have a much easier time making changes to its products, product catalog, marketing strategy, and more based on real-time consumer insights rather than quickly-outdated market research.

Here’s an overview of Insights’ most important data features:

  • Creation of effective custom dashboards in under 10 minutes
  • Turnkey platform integrations
  • Real-time data exploration on any level
  • Group data by metrics (country, brand, category, channel, etc.)
  • Full-funnel reporting from impression to profitability
  • Facebook breakdowns by categories and scheduling insights to creatives
  • Automated layering of SEO (traffic potential) and SEM data
  • Comparison of Google Ads across regions to understand performance across markets

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