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Germany’s largest furniture portal,, connects three million customers a month with over 250 ecommerce partners. has over 4.5 million homeware products to compare and click through, which means they have to import huge feeds and then map all of the products in the feeds to the relevant categories and filters. The furniture aggregator needed to significantly improve its import speed and efficiency while maintaining feed quality and complexity. The team also wanted to enhance the quality of traffic and conversions by delivering more personalized ads. To enable partners to quickly and frequently update their product listings and deliver higher converting traffic, needed a powerful feed management solution and a tool to create dynamic ads.


  • Importing and mapping partner product feeds efficiently
  • Improving overall feed quality
  • Driving higher quality traffic through relevant ads wanted to enable their partners to change and process their feeds within an hour. They could then change their offers throughout the day without losing the means to apply categories and filters to the feed data. To achieve this level of agility, they needed a high-performing feed processing partner that could quickly run a complex structure of rule sets for 1200 categories and more than 200 features without compromising on feed quality.

Normalizing 4.5 million products across two portals – in Germany and in France – took up a lot of time and resources. With their legacy solution, the import process took nearly 24 hours. It was difficult to maintain because they couldn’t edit their import rules on a more granular level – for example, special import rules for products within a specific category. They struggled to maintain an overview of the hundreds of marketing feeds they managed. They needed help to organize all of the feeds while maintaining their partners’ and their own high standards.

The marketing team was trapped in a constant balancing act between delivering high-converting traffic while keeping costs low for partners. They needed to address the right customers on the right channel at the right time and with the right message, but their static ads weren’t helping them achieve this. The key challenge was combining different data sources, such as product exports and performance data, to enrich the marketing experience to benefit customers and partners.


  • Ability to optimize large and complex feeds with ease and at scale
  • Visualization of complex import logics
  • Automated, relevant ad experience driven by data

With Productsup, found a feed solution with diverse personalization possibilities which no other provider could offer. They use Productsup daily to import their partners’ feeds and map the products to the relevant categories and filters. It’s now possible to easily adjust hundreds of feeds according to the individual needs of their partners and publishers. The platform’s optimization and readiness score offers a quick overview of the quality of their feeds and necessary edits. The Productsup platform gives them many tools and functions to explore within an intuitive user interface.

Productsup makes it possible for to visualize even very complex import logics, making it easy to understand them at a glance. Thanks to the user-friendly rule boxes, employees can now easily set up imports without any SQL skills. Productsup also helped them to achieve their target processing speed while maintaining the same feed complexity.

By switching to feed-based dynamic ads on Facebook, the Google Display Network, Criteo, and RTB House, the team can now maximize the relevance of ads to users. Productsup wraps the 4.5 million products in a billion distinct and personalized ads tailored to each consumer’s needs. The product ads automatically adjust and optimize based on performance data.


  • Fast time to market
  • Impressive increase in sales

With Productsup, now manages all of their product feeds quickly and easily. They have reduced the time it takes to import all of their product listings from 24 hours to just one hour so they can adjust data according to their partners’ requirements. They can also effectively map products to categories and filter options without compromising on feed complexity or quality.

Now that runs feed-based dynamic ads across various channels, they deliver higher converting traffic to their partners. The switch from static to dynamic ads reduced work hours by 50% while increasing their main sales KPI – sales through the portal – by just over 56%. They improved their other main KPI – interaction on the portal – by 7%.

Markus Wittassek
Head of Category Management & Head of Content

"Each of our partners hands over specific product data feeds that vary in size and quality. It’s always important not to lose sight of the overall goal – standardized product data. The Productsup P2C platform helped us reach this goal by enabling us to deliver partner-specific product information in a highly automated and efficient manner."

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