How increased sales by 56% with dynamic ads


    The case

    Germany’s largest furniture portal,, connects three million customers a month with 250 ecommerce store partners. With over 4.5 million homeware products to compare and click through to, large feeds to import, and needs to map all of the products to the relevant categories and filters.

    The furniture aggregator needed to significantly improve their import speed and efficiency, while maintaining the high quality and complexity of their feeds. They also wanted to improve traffic quality and conversions by delivering more personalized ads.

    In order to allow partners to quickly and frequently update their product listings and deliver higher converting traffic to them, needed a powerful feed management solution and relevant dynamic ads based on their feeds.

    The challenges

    To achieve its sales goals and feed management improvements, had three key objectives.

    1. Importing and mapping partner product feeds efficiently

    They wanted to enable their partners to change and process their feeds within an hour, so they could change their offers throughout the day, and without losing options around enriching their feeds with categories and filters. To achieve this level of agility, they needed a high-performing feed processing partner that could quickly run a complex structure of rule sets for 1200 categories and more than 200 features, without the need to compromise on feed quality.

    2. Improving overall feed quality

    Normalizing 4.5 million products across two portals, and, for their own templates demanded a lot of time and resources. With their old solution, the import process took nearly 24 hours and was difficult to maintain, because they weren’t able to edit their import rules on a more granular level (special import rules for products within a specific category, for example). They were struggling to keep an overview of their hundreds of marketing feeds. They needed help to organize all of the feeds, while keeping to the standards of their partners and their own high standards.

    3. Driving higher quality traffic through relevant ads

    The marketing team was in a constant balancing act between delivering high-converting traffic while keeping costs low for partners. They needed to address the right customers on the right channel at the right time, and with the right message, but their static ads weren’t helping them to achieve this. Their key challenge was combining their different data sources, such as product exports and performance data, to enrich the marketing experience to benefit both customers and partners.

    The solutions

    Once found Productsup, they found their challenges could be solved by agile product feed management.

    1. Ability to optimize large and complex feeds, with ease and at scale

    With Productsup, has a feed solution with diverse personalization possibilities they couldn’t find elsewhere. They use Productsup on a daily basis to import their partners’ feeds, and map the products to the relevant categories and filters. It’s now possible to adjust hundreds of feeds according to the individual needs of their partners and publishers, with a 100% satisfaction rate. The optimization and readiness score gives a quick overview of the quality of their feeds and necessary edits. The Productsup platform gives them a wealth of tools and functions to explore within an intuitive user interface.

    2. Visualization of complex import logics

    Productsup makes it possible for to visualize even very complex import logics, so it’s easy to understand them at a glance. Thanks to the user-friendly rule boxes with their own self-explanatory processes, employees are able to set their imports without needing any SQL skills. During their onboarding, Productsup showed them ways to achieve their target processing speed while still maintaining the same feed complexity.

    3. Automated, relevant ad experience driven by data

    By switching to feed-based dynamic ads on Facebook, the Google Display Network, Criteo, and RTB House, the team is now able to maximize the relevance of ads to users. Productsup enables them to do their 4.5 million products justice by serving more than a billion distinct and personalized ads, to fit the needs of each individual customer. The product ads automatically adjust and optimize based on performance data. They now have the aim to deliver customers a self-adapting marketing system, giving the customer different messages according to their stage on the customer journey based on browsing behavior.


    With Productsup, are able to manage their large and numerous product feeds quickly, easily, and at scale. They have reduced the time it takes to import all of their product listings from nearly 24 hours to just one hour, so they can adjust data according to their partners’ needs. They are also able to effectively map products to categories and filter options, never compromising on feed complexity or quality.

    Now that is running feed-based dynamic ads across various channels, they are able to deliver higher converting traffic to their partners. The switch from static to dynamic ads reduced man hours by 50% while increasing their main sales KPI, sales through portal, by just over 56%, making them and their partners happy. They improved their other main KPI, interaction on portal, by 7%.


    Number of partners


    Use Case

    Dynamic ads and implementing new partners to porta


    • Improve feed import efficiency and timescales
    • Enhance product feed quality
    • Deliver relevant, data-driven dynamic ads to drive conversions


    As Germany's largest furniture and interior design portal, bundles products from a wide range of suppliers, brands and retailers and displays the range on its own online platform. From cheap top sellers to custom-made unique items, there are three million products to discover from more than 250 online shops, over 2000 brand pages and over 1000 designers and furnishing experts. The portal has also been available in France at since September 2016.


    Productsup is a great solution when dealing with really big data feeds and complex import logics. The visualization of the interface is very easy to comprehend, so that even employees outside of our data management team can understand the logic and implement new partners easily. The monitoring function can be adjusted easily and for each partner, so that we are able to inform our partners about possible feed issues faster than they notice them. We were able to implement even more import logics than in our legacy system, and in less processing time.

    Markus Wittassek
    Head of Content & Data Management

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