Google Merchant Promotions available on mobile for Germany

[WP Import] Google Merchant Promotions available on mobile for Germany

Google Merchant Promotions are a great way to attract shoppers to your product ad and should certainly be integrated into your performance marketing strategy.

In 2014, merchant promotions extended from being only available in the U.S. bound to being available to certain European countries too, including Germany.

It was not until February 2016 that merchant promotions became available for mobile too – that is, for all participating countries, except for Germany.

However, recently, German online shoppers may have noticed otherwise.

Google has indeed extended its merchant promotions program: Special offers can now be spotted appearing among mobile Google Shopping ads in all partnering countries.

The user experience is similar to that on a desktop, however, merchant promos have been adapted slightly for suit mobile to enhance the experience for shoppers.

The promotions link in the product ad contains extra information, such as the type of promotion or the discounted amount. The intention is to give the shopper more information about the offer from the get-go. So, instead of seeing “special offer,” you may now see “5% discount from €90… ”


When you click on the link, all details about the offer, including discount codes, will appear as an interstitial ad (like a pop-up window).

Google merchant promotions mobile

More on Google Merchant Promotions on Google's support page, click here. Or learn more about Google Shopping.

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