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    Google Shopping ads

    Drive product sales and maximize reach all across Google

    50%+ of the average retailer’s budget is spent on Google Shopping.

    How can ecommerce advertisers ensure that their money is well spent? Or know they’re driving sales on a large scale? Answer: master the Google Shopping feed.

    How Google Shopping ads offer unique value to brands & retailers

    What are Google Shopping ads?

    Google Shopping ads are perhaps most known for appearing in the organic SERP listing of Google searches. They can be served in branded, unbranded, or even local searches. They also appear in Google Shopping and on Google Search Partner websites like YouTube. In the past, they have been called product ads, Google Product ads, Google Product Listing ads, Google PLAs, and… that’s mostly it.

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    How do you use Google Shopping ads?

    Google Shopping ads require the use of two separate tools: Google Merchant Center and Google Ads (previously known as AdWords).

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      Google Merchant Center

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      Google Ads (AdWords)

    The Google marketing tools explained

    • What is Google Merchant Center?

    • What is Google Ads?

    • What is Google Manufacturer Center?

    Where do ads appear on Google?

    Google ads are most known for appearing in the SERP. When a user googles an item, the related product ads can appear either above the search results as images or to the side, separate from the text ads. However, they can also appear in Google Shopping, in participating countries, and in Google Search Partner websites like YouTube.

    Google Hotel ads

    For Google, the fundamental differences between retail and travel ads are when and where they appear. Retail Google Shopping ads appear at the top of SERP results or in the network. Google Hotel ads surface when a user is specifically looking for hotels. These ads appear in the SERP. According to Google, 60% of leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers use the search engine when planning their trips. This means Google plays a very unique, and powerful role in the travel ecommerce space.

    Google Shopping feeds & specs // How do I create a Google Shopping feed?

    While Google Shopping makes it very easy to generate and deliver personalized ads, it does require one little thing to get started: a tailored product data feed.

    Google Ads Tutorials - Shopping Readiness Series

    Set up your Merchant Center Account for Shopping Ads

    Google Merchant Center feed specification requirements

    There are certain specifications that every product must have in order to be eligible on Google. There are also further required attributes for certain categories of items, particularly those in apparel & accessories. Be sure every product in your feed includes all Google Shopping required fields.

    • ID

    • title

    • description

    • google_product_category

    • link

    • image_link

    • condition

    • price

    • availability

    • shipping

    • brand, GTIN, MPN

    Your Google Shopping campaigns

    You can create campaigns in either Ads or Merchant Center. In Google Merchant Center: you need only go to the Ads tab and click Create Shopping Campaign. From here, enter a campaign name, country of sale, and budget. Though the Merchant Center is the faster method, the real work will happen in Google Ads. To start within Ads: just click + Campaign and then select Shopping. Here you can determine bidding, budget, locations, and other usual campaign settings.

    Meet image requirements

    It’s important to note that, especially for Google, not just any image will do. Be absolutely certain to follow their ad image requirements.

    • Minimum size: 100 x 100 pixels*

    • Maximum size: 64 megapixels

    Google Shopping ad image rules

    Choose ad type

    You’ll need to choose an ad format before you can launch your Google Shopping campaign. Product Shopping Ads feature just one product per ad. This is most useful when users are searching for more specific items.

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    Showcase Shopping Ads


    Local Inventory Ads

    • Place ads

    • Choose your audience

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    Conversion tracking

    Google Manufacturer Center

    The Manufacturer Center was designed to help marketers in brand manufacturing firms leverage how their brand and products are presented across the Google ecosystem.

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