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Before the virtual dust settles on the P2C World Tour, we thought we’d bring you a summary of it and give you access to the World Tour library, where you can pick and choose from recordings from all the events. It’s not just us at Productsup talking about the benefits of product-to-consumer (P2C) strategies. Hear analysts and experts at top brands around the world talk about why P2C is the best way to combat commerce anarchy.

P2C World Tour library: Select the session want to watch

Scroll below to select the speakers and topics which are relevant to your business. At all of the tour stops, the focus was on real P2C success stories from top brands as well as expert industry analysis of the P2C category.

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Product-to-consumer World Tour highlights from the USA

On January 26, the P2C World Tour – virtually – arrived in the USA. The agenda was packed with taks by experts primarily based in North America. Here are just some of the highlights you can watch on-demand in the World Tour library.

Uber: Tackling commerce anarchy with Productsup

Michael Kamradt – Marketing Technology Manager at Uber – talked about the Uber Eats journey from being overwhelmed by a deluge of product feeds to implementing a smart centralized product-to-consumer platform to manage their feeds and automate restaurant and product ads.

Uber Eats handles millions of ads every day. Without an automated solution, they were drawing in time-consuming feed management as well as ad optimization. He gave the example of Verizon’s onboarding which went live with 800,000 ads on their first day.

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Constellation Research: The future of commerce is P2C

Ray Wang – Chairman & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research – used his speaker slot to explain why he believes that the future of commerce is moving to one category – P2C. Constellation Research announced the category late in 2021 because they saw that commerce anarchy was overwhelming even larger commerce enterprises. Ray explains what a shift to P2C involves and how companies can identify the product information value chains needed to create the basis for sustainable commerce success.

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Product-to-consumer World Tour highlights from the UK

The P2C World Tour was live and virtual from London on February 1. The agenda featured speakers from brands and analysts at home in the UK and international markets.

Digimasters: The digital and analytics revolution

Adam Nagus – Chief Data Officer at Digimaster – was one of the highlights of the UK World Tour stop. He talked about the product lifecycle and the importance of evolving product management systems to deal with the increasing commerce complexity being caused by the ongoing digital and analytics revolution.

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More P2C World Tour highlights

The Netherlands: Radically rethinking commerce, Vincent Peters | CEO | Productsup

UK: Managing channel strategy amidst commerce anarchy, Mike Kindon, Head of Web Operations & Chris Sheridan | Third Party Configurations & Support | N Brown

The Netherlands: The commerce cocktail: Global scale, B2B+B2C & cross-channel, Zebastian Sjöberg | Product Owner Online Tools & Services | Thule

The Netherlands: Panel discussion Productsup, Publitas, and Shop Apotheke

Germany: There are also talks in German from leading global brands including Beiersdorf, Hansgrohe, Migros, and more.

France: We also have a few recordings in French. Tune in to hear experts from Meta and Rémy Cointreau.

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