Master TikTok Shop: Turning product discovery into sales

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TikTok users spend more than 49 minutes per day on the app. Most of that time is spent discovering and engaging with new products – why not enable them to buy right there?

By streamlining the path to purchase, TikTok Shop is a powerful sales channel for brands and retailers. In fact, social shopping is projected to reach $2.9 trillion by 2026.

To empower businesses to sell on TikTok, Productsup’s TikTok Shop API allows users to create and manage products on TikTok, import orders from TikTok, and export shipment notifications into TikTok.

Watch our joint webinar with TikTok to learn:

  • TikTok Shop best practices – what works and what doesn’t
  • How our TikTok Shop API can help you sell more through automated workflows and product content enhancements
  • How our P2C platform simplifies selling across TikTok and all social channels through seamless integrations to provide you with a one-stop solution


  • Eds Hawkins.png

    Eds Hawkins

    Lead Product Manager - Integrations
  • Lauren.png

    Lauren Lindsey

    Director, Point of Purchase Partnerships
  • Cjoe Anaya.jpeg

    Cjoe Anaya

    Ecommerce Operations Manager
    TikTok Shop